Saturday, March 31, 2007


Right.. i forgot i had this.. so many things to do, totally forgot about this. Well, what did i write about last? oh right the LH concert.. *sigh* its been over for >1 month and i still wish he had a concert right around the corner.

Anyway, talked to "Usher" and he's still in TW, but coming back in a couple of weeks? So, then maybe i can get to see the wushu place and perhaps have a new workout place.. since i've been sorta wanting to get back to it. I'm getting more and more involved with HSH stuff, we have "board meetings" everyday, where we talk about random mundane things.. ie, dunkin' donuts, and photos, and the such. but a lot of it is random stuff about actual HSH stuff, like what we're doing in May, etc. My disc of pictures finally got to Munkee but well, it was cracked, so i have to send a new one.. more cd burning for moi unless Smelly decides that she wishes to send my photos out. oh well, not a big deal.
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