Friday, November 22, 2013

Cupcake Friday 11.22.2013

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"Maltimore from @icedgemsbaking #cupcakefriday #iloveicedgems "

This is the Maltimore cupcake from Iced Gems.  While i had high hopes for this one, I found this one to be more ho hum in their line of cupcakes.  I think there needs to be malt flavor in this cupcake.  The cupcake is still very good, i believe it is suppose to be a malt flavored cupcake with malted butter cream icing with a malt ball topping.  However, per my cupcaking experience, this cupcake did not have enough malted flavor for me.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Cupcake Friday 11.15.2013

"Cupcake Friday! Whipper snapper is so yummy #iloveicedgems #cupcakefriday"

Some of you may have already seen this cupcake on twitter or instagram.  Its the Whipper Snapper cupcake.  It has so much going for it.. Biscoff cookie on top, Biscoff butter cream icing and the kicker that makes this the best effing cupcake i've had to date?  The biscoff filling inside.. yep. This cupcake is like crack but in a good way.  

Thanks Iced Gems Baking!  

Hm mm

It comes to my attention that we are in the middle of November and my last post was at the end of October.  Crap!  where has the month gone?  It seems like it was just yesterday when i was getting ready to go on a cruise and now its been 2 weeks.  Though it has been a hectic time -- got back on my cruise and immediately packed a bag to travel for work for the weekend.  And then i got back and had training... so in reality i've not had a weekend free for a while?  unless you count the cruise.  I've just got to get back in the habit of checking out friends posts and writing  -- maybe this will get better as the end of the year approaches?
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