Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fun Thrusday?

Lets see where do i begin? Lets start with Monday, shall we?
hmmm right I had this meeting at 11, recruitment i think it was. Well i got more things added to my plate.. how convenient! :| for everyone else but me. I was told at the meeting that we expect MJ to be able to do group presentations regarding prostate cancer, while that is not a problem since i talk about prostate cancer all the time, the fact that we want a presentation worked out, and practiced by next monday is.. especially with the amount of crap on my plate already. oh well, other than that Monday was fairly uneventful.

Insane day. what can i say? I've got to run from clinic to clinic today.. First, 2 patients scheduled at shepherd's clinic, a 9:30 and a 10:00, you would think they would show up on time, correct? Good thing the people at the clinic have my telephone number, because i dont get 5 mins beyond the door, when i get a call from the receptionist there calling me back because my 10am patient has shown up.. 45 mins late. yay! So i sit down and finish his paperwork, as I am waiting for my patient to be seen my 9:30 patient shows up.. yes you read right.. 9:30 it is now 11am.. he's only what 2 hours late for an appointment? We go through the paperwork and he does not seem to be happy to have to wait.. i wanted to hit him on the head and go doh! u missed your appointment 2 hrs ago, you are lucky they are even considering seeing you! As i am there, the CRNP comes out and says oh i have another patient for you.. *dohs!* so we do paperwork, by this time its close to 12, well MY clinic at EBMC starts at 1.. so obviously i'm not going to have time to have the lunch i've planned with some old coworkers. *sigh* why does my day get interrupted like this? anyway, I wait for another 45 mins to get most of the paperwork, grab that, swing by the hospital grab my food that friends bought for me because they knew i would not have time for sit down lunch (how i love friends like this), and get myself to my clinic. As i am leaving Shepherd's I get a phone call from somoene at EBMC, telling me that we have patients! I looked at my watch and went O.O, its 12:45?! When i found out who it was i was even more suprised, because his appointment was not until 1:45.. oopsies... oh well come early as he said he would, he did.. hahah just an hour early. I get back to my clinic, scarf down some food so could down some pain killers (messed up wisdom tooth fun).

Hump day, you would think this is better day right? Wrong again! Firstly, I had an hour phone call with my departmental HR representative, where we discussed wth was going on with my department and where it all going. Its insane here now, IMHO, but I got some suggestions on what to do and how to handle things. Yay! Then one of the nurses called, to talk just because, and we ended up chatting about what was discussed with HR. Then it was time to do actual work (seeing patients i mean), I had a patient at Urology, so it was off to the hospital for a while for me... biopsies tend to take a bit longer, 3 hours later, we were done, yay! I get back to the office, and see like 10 emails all in the span of like 2 hours, some of them stating that I would be happy to do xyz, without consulting my calendar the PM decided that we were doing these.. *rolls* meetings scheduled, presentations scheduled. yay for me.. Then, i actually attempt to start work.. too bad the phone keeps ringing, and i spend the last hours of my "work day" on the phone resolving issues, running around getting clinical notes, calling nurses, etc, basically nothing that I would be doing for my work.. yay! Then I go to the PM and want to drop something off, and he just wants to chat.. cuz he's fustrated with work and all that, and wanted someone to help him.. I didnt leave till 8pm cuz we were discussing possiblilites for him.. poor him, wish u the best, but I'm so outta here once i get another offer, I'm sorry, but you can only overwork me so much without me needing to get out.. and you guys have taken too much liberities with my time.. so i'm so outta here.. sorry! :|

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Monday?

So its Monday morning.. and even better 7:30am, and where am i, you ask? I am at work, and have been since 7ish. The day got off to a great start, with me feeling cranky because my wisdom tooth is coming in, and now my gums are sore, and I'm not sure if i need to get the gums lanced again because i'm developing an infection, or of it is just sore because my wisdom tooth is coming in. Then, spilling water (at least it was not the coffee i was making, right?) all over myself. After that, not being able to find office keys so i can unlock all the appropriate doors (this is about 5 different doors..) Well, we'll see how the rest of my day turns out.

How is the job seeking you ask? well, I dont quite know. Still interviewing at places, got formal rejection from the lady I met with on Wednesday on friday.. *sighs* I've so many decisions to do, firstly, am i really looking for a job that I like now? or is it something just to take me away from here, and that is why I am considering it? I mean, its come to the point where I dont even want to come to work at all, and when i do, i'm not entirely focused on work. Don't get me wrong, with patients i still go for the full 100% if not 110%, but the paperwork crap that i've been working with? I think i'm slowly losing interest in it all (a sign that I truely need a change of scenery). I still love working with the patients, however, I think that the amount of work that I get piled on my load gets larger as the days go by. In addition, we let go one of our temps, (for personal and professional reasons) and thus I have to work on that position's work as well as what i would normally have on my load. We also got another temp to replace a second temp that left, and in theory I am suppose to be training her, but she's a know it all... so when i taught her stuff, she stated she knew it all, so my training lasted 5 mins. (we'll see what happens when she has to work with our patients...)

I was also suppose to be subbing My Lucky Stars, i got 15 mins in, but so much dialogue, I ended up having to pause after each person spoke to finish writing what needed to be written down and translated, so the first 15 mins took about an hour. So, that stopped at 10 last night, and i watched the rest of episode 1 and started watching ep 2. I had thought originally i would have ep 1 and 2 done by this weekend, obviously that did not work out.. oopsies.!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy Easter!

Well, its the day before Easter, so to all those of you that read this (all two of you), that celebrate Easter, happy easter.

So, what did i do today? I went to the retirement home and "rehearsed" with the "choir" we're putting together a spring festival show, too bad its in 2 weeks, and we're still arranging the music. Boy do i have to practice, especially since we're having me play violin, and well um ya. I also have to get get cracking on subbing this drama that i was suppose to have done, just no time! ahh! Well i am going to work on it tonight and tomorrow, and hopefully eps 1-3 will be done? we'll see.. i tend to get fustrated easily though.

Friday, April 6, 2007

ok... lets speed it up to friday

So, its Friday. One of our temps is leaving us and today is his last day (so many people leaving these couple of days, huh?) Anyway, this give me more work since he is helping me with the patient case management issues, not that i'm not always at work already.. *sighs* Lately, it seems like i dont feel like doing much work, i come to work and do a little, but mostly its like being silly and wandering the halls, answering phones, and being relatively useless.. *shrug* perhaps i am just tired of here..

Talked to my cousins in the PH today.. he just got a new ipod video (well guess i save $100+), as i had considered buying him one, but, now i have to send him a dvd of music/music videos, but since he doesnt listen to much chinese music, he doesnt quite know the names of the singers/songs, its rather hard to figure out what he likes.. oh well, ipod collection to cousin.. *checks!*

BTW, smelly that psycho bunny game is HILARIOUS.. i like the dancing game.. so much fun, except i didnt play on WII, just on regular.

oops forgot a post!

So, if i knew how to backdate this i would have.. but i don't.. and i already posted something about the ipod dying.. and I'm a bit lazy and don't want to go back, so bear with me!

Friday (April 3rd), i had a patient actually it was 2 over at Urology. Normally my patients are seen as the last patient of the day (so 4pm start time), but if they are having procedures they may be seen earlier, who knows.. but i am getting off topic :) I had 2 such patients on Friday, one at 3:45 and one at 4:00, The 3:45 had been seen previously and was just there for a checkup, so he was relatively painless, but the 4pm patient was a new patient. When new patients see the Urologists, it normally takes 30-40 min discussion, since there are things that the doctor needs to get out of the patient (READ: pertinent Medical History), Well, the doctor (surprise surprise) was running approximately one hour late already, so I hunkered down for a long wait, did some small talking with the patient. There was a cankerous old man there that was complaining (he had been sitting there since 3pm)and by the time the doctor got around to them i think they had been sitting there close to 2 hours. He was complaining about everything to everyone that was within hearing distance. When he required water to take his meds, one of the registrars went and got him some water from the water fountain, and he complained about how it was not cold enough and then placed the water on the table, and almost knocked it over. I ended up taking the water to the water fountain and pouring it all out because we didn't want any accidents in the waiting area.

My patient finally got seen at close to 6:30, so it was past 7pm before i was done for the day. I was suppose to go out to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner because one of our coworkers was leaving and we were going to do a farewell dinner with her, but because of the patient I was unable to go. There were many text messages and phone calls that night trying to figure out if i was going to make it or not - obviously it ended not well on my part. After the patient's visit was completed, it was determined he needed further workup *sigh* so we had to walk over to the pharmacy (the patient didn't know where the pharmacy was, so i had to show him), and the pharmacy was closed again *sigh* He told me he was planning to get the RX filled over the weekend, so i had to go and get that the approval done since he did not and would not be receiving his approval letter prior to him picking up his medicine. This new development necessitated me to go back to the office, drop off the patient files (which i would have had to do, but was planning to overlook and just bring stuff in on Monday). I drive myself back over to the office, by this time its close to 8pm *yay for 12 hour days* I deal with not being able to find my keys, and having to ask security to come upstairs and unlock doors for me, write my emails, write my fax, send my fax to the pharmacy, and then leave for the day.. that would be the wonderful ending to this story right...?

oh of course not! I get in on Monday, and right before a meeting, i get a call from the pharmacy that i did not take, but got the message for. I decided that was a bit more important than the meeting..Pharmacy claimed that i never sent stuff to them.. right! I had proof (good thing i keep the confirmation pages to all my faxes these days) oh well, had to resend the fax so that the patient could pick up his meds.

ho hum!

So my ipod died last week (was it last week, or 2 weeks ago..i forget!) but basically HD failure = need for new mp3 player.. *sighs* so after much consideration a new ipod was purchased via Apple. Well, a week later (almost) but no ipod, and the tracking kept saying the billing info was sent to UPS.. *shrug* i finally called them and apple did not know what happened to the ipod, so quick work was made and a new replacement was sent out. I had asked for it to be engraved, but when the ipod got to me on Wed (they shipped it next day, because i was suppose to have gotten it by the 26th), no engraving.. oh well, who cares, i just had my name engraved, so its ok.. i wont lose the $400 brick that i carry.. i use it way too much, as a secondary HD, and also to carry music. So now I am painstakingly adding music, since half the music that i have to load on my ipod is chinese, i have to find cd track lists and copy and paste them in one by one --the unicode doesnt transfer for some fun reason.

So much fun right?
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