Friday, April 6, 2007

oops forgot a post!

So, if i knew how to backdate this i would have.. but i don't.. and i already posted something about the ipod dying.. and I'm a bit lazy and don't want to go back, so bear with me!

Friday (April 3rd), i had a patient actually it was 2 over at Urology. Normally my patients are seen as the last patient of the day (so 4pm start time), but if they are having procedures they may be seen earlier, who knows.. but i am getting off topic :) I had 2 such patients on Friday, one at 3:45 and one at 4:00, The 3:45 had been seen previously and was just there for a checkup, so he was relatively painless, but the 4pm patient was a new patient. When new patients see the Urologists, it normally takes 30-40 min discussion, since there are things that the doctor needs to get out of the patient (READ: pertinent Medical History), Well, the doctor (surprise surprise) was running approximately one hour late already, so I hunkered down for a long wait, did some small talking with the patient. There was a cankerous old man there that was complaining (he had been sitting there since 3pm)and by the time the doctor got around to them i think they had been sitting there close to 2 hours. He was complaining about everything to everyone that was within hearing distance. When he required water to take his meds, one of the registrars went and got him some water from the water fountain, and he complained about how it was not cold enough and then placed the water on the table, and almost knocked it over. I ended up taking the water to the water fountain and pouring it all out because we didn't want any accidents in the waiting area.

My patient finally got seen at close to 6:30, so it was past 7pm before i was done for the day. I was suppose to go out to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner because one of our coworkers was leaving and we were going to do a farewell dinner with her, but because of the patient I was unable to go. There were many text messages and phone calls that night trying to figure out if i was going to make it or not - obviously it ended not well on my part. After the patient's visit was completed, it was determined he needed further workup *sigh* so we had to walk over to the pharmacy (the patient didn't know where the pharmacy was, so i had to show him), and the pharmacy was closed again *sigh* He told me he was planning to get the RX filled over the weekend, so i had to go and get that the approval done since he did not and would not be receiving his approval letter prior to him picking up his medicine. This new development necessitated me to go back to the office, drop off the patient files (which i would have had to do, but was planning to overlook and just bring stuff in on Monday). I drive myself back over to the office, by this time its close to 8pm *yay for 12 hour days* I deal with not being able to find my keys, and having to ask security to come upstairs and unlock doors for me, write my emails, write my fax, send my fax to the pharmacy, and then leave for the day.. that would be the wonderful ending to this story right...?

oh of course not! I get in on Monday, and right before a meeting, i get a call from the pharmacy that i did not take, but got the message for. I decided that was a bit more important than the meeting..Pharmacy claimed that i never sent stuff to them.. right! I had proof (good thing i keep the confirmation pages to all my faxes these days) oh well, had to resend the fax so that the patient could pick up his meds.

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munkee said...

poor MJ!!!

incompetent ppl suck.

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