Friday, April 6, 2007

ho hum!

So my ipod died last week (was it last week, or 2 weeks ago..i forget!) but basically HD failure = need for new mp3 player.. *sighs* so after much consideration a new ipod was purchased via Apple. Well, a week later (almost) but no ipod, and the tracking kept saying the billing info was sent to UPS.. *shrug* i finally called them and apple did not know what happened to the ipod, so quick work was made and a new replacement was sent out. I had asked for it to be engraved, but when the ipod got to me on Wed (they shipped it next day, because i was suppose to have gotten it by the 26th), no engraving.. oh well, who cares, i just had my name engraved, so its ok.. i wont lose the $400 brick that i carry.. i use it way too much, as a secondary HD, and also to carry music. So now I am painstakingly adding music, since half the music that i have to load on my ipod is chinese, i have to find cd track lists and copy and paste them in one by one --the unicode doesnt transfer for some fun reason.

So much fun right?

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