Friday, April 6, 2007

ok... lets speed it up to friday

So, its Friday. One of our temps is leaving us and today is his last day (so many people leaving these couple of days, huh?) Anyway, this give me more work since he is helping me with the patient case management issues, not that i'm not always at work already.. *sighs* Lately, it seems like i dont feel like doing much work, i come to work and do a little, but mostly its like being silly and wandering the halls, answering phones, and being relatively useless.. *shrug* perhaps i am just tired of here..

Talked to my cousins in the PH today.. he just got a new ipod video (well guess i save $100+), as i had considered buying him one, but, now i have to send him a dvd of music/music videos, but since he doesnt listen to much chinese music, he doesnt quite know the names of the singers/songs, its rather hard to figure out what he likes.. oh well, ipod collection to cousin.. *checks!*

BTW, smelly that psycho bunny game is HILARIOUS.. i like the dancing game.. so much fun, except i didnt play on WII, just on regular.


smeLLyphant37 said...

Haha ... fun huh!? You played regular? HOW!? :)

MJ said...

well, they have a hmm whats that game.. playstation version..

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