Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Daily Arsenal 02.29.2012

Happy Leap Day!  work.. hmmmmm unmotivated!

If I stare at this enough will this make me stronger?  I Love all these old Nike ads that I'm finding on the web these days..sadly this required 20 mins of searching to actually find this ad (whilest I am suppose to be working that is)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pelle Small Journal


So i received this small pelle notebook the last time i did a JetPens haul and have yet to open it.  Well finally it was opened today at work just for one of my twitter friends.  Do i like it?  Yes-- but i've not used it yet as I _just_ unboxed it now.  How is it with fp ink?  Don't know yet.. will test this later today but as I typically write with EF nibs, YMMV.  

The notebook i bought is the small one, and I am currently regretting that i did not purchase any other inserts other than the 1 that came with it.  I feel that I need more page to play with-- I assure you this is a sign of stationary/pen addiction!

The pages are smooth to the touch, if i could pet my pelle all day like a cat i probably would.. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Daily Aresenal 02.24.2012


ok so I will probably will throw a blue/black inked something there later but for now...
Lamy Vista - Imperial Purple ink?
Pelikan 205 duo hilighter with the hilighter ink in it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Daily Arsenal 02.23.2012

twsbi with blue black ink, matte VP with Carribean Sea, green white board expo click marker

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week 4 Land Training

So its warm outside today-- so of course when we showed up for land training, the plan was to go outside and work out there.   We had a circuit of 10 stations today -- slow bicycle crunches, ball slams/throw with a 15 lb weight, steps, planks, pushups, tilt squats, shoulder presses with resistance bands, burpees, and the sled.. I bet i'm sore tomorrow.   The timing was set via the group doing the sled push-- so the slower they duo pushing the sled down and up the hill twice, the longer you are stuck at your respective station.   You would think we wouldnt shoot ourselves in the foot?  nope!  for some silly reason some of us feel the need to kill ourselves on the sled by having our 200+ lb teammates stand on the sled while you are pushing it up the hill -- btw, the sled is 90 lbs, and then we had 2 weights piled ontop of it.. so basically over 100 lbs already.  Ya-- ball throw/slams for 2 mins suck!  oh well -- what doesnt kill me makes me stronger right?

Daily Aresnal 02.22.2012

We are going over AAAAI talks and posters today-- need a pretty pen to survive this day.
Matte VP filled with Caribbean Blue ink

Sooo tired

AAAAI is about a week away -- this is the busiest time of year for me, primarily because I always submit an abstract and since for the last 4 years i've submitted, i've gotten it accepted it just becomes a time of year where i get almost no sleep because I'm trying to get either my poster or my oral abstract done.  Every time i submit i request a poster -- and wind up with an oral abstract.  Ok I'm being generous, for the last 4 years i've submitted, 3 out of the 4 times i've gotten an oral abstract.  While oral abstracts are nicer (it means your abstract got ranked higher and thus more relevance to the world of allergy and asthma)  allied health ones tend to be poorly attended -- we'll see though this year.  They have moved the allied health oral abstract session into the allied health networking luncheon. 

Anyway, being that this oral abstract is slightly "extra curricular" some of it is definitely done outside of my normal job functions since well normal job-ish functions still need to well, um function on a daily basis.  Yes, since its a work sponsored trip i do get to work on some of it at work, but sometimes its just too busy to actually sit down shut the door and work on it.  Today our drafts are due and we're suppose to do a run through, so last night, since I was given some major-ish revisions to my oral abstract (I spent the day going through charts yesterday to get the data i need since the data was not on a scanned form), I worked on graphs and polishing my talk  till about 1:30am.  In addition, sending the draft to the boss for comments and questions.  Needless to say I did not go to bed early and rehearsals are at 9am today so I had to get in early to set up the technology (aka projector and laptop)-- so i'm here at work -- tired and caffeinated.  We'll see how long i last, though i have a meeting at 3pm today so I'm afraid ducking out early is not happening.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday, February 20, 2012

Land Training wk 3

So its now week 3 in DB land training-- my dragonboat team is in Baltimore, and we have it nice that our team practices at the Under Armour HQ where they have a gym.  Every year (for the last 3 years) we hire one of their personal trainers for the 2 months leading up to getting the boats on the water and have group workout sessions.  The sessions are twice a week (usually Wed/Sat) and get more intense as the weeks go by.  So week 1 was fairly light, week 2 a bit harder, and week 3 a bit harder, and so forth. 

Fun, right? 

Well as it happens, i broke a bone in my foot back in November and finally got a walking cast in January (right around the time we were to start land training) and was told not to use the foot and to keep off of it until February (when i had my follow up).  So this past Saturday was the 1st time I was allowed to use my foot (and join in on all the leg exercises) that the team had been doing for the last 3 weeks -- so needless to say I am sore.. stupidly sore.  Hamstrings? yep i feel it, Quads-- again yep.. I was still able to do chest presses, shoulder shrugs, pec flys, etc -- as long as i could be seated i could do it so my arms and shoulders are fine, but nothing is like 20 reps of squats and lunges ad nausium for your legs to be dead.. (Ashley would be so proud!) 

And then we had a smallish workout session yesterday (Sunday) since the fiance and a couple of other guys were doing group workouts at the gym and i typically tag along.  So Sunday morning at 8:30 i was in the gym doing my 10 min warmup on the bike and then doing the weight circuit.  Leg extensions were fun, so were the lat pulls (apparently abs are involved) and to top it off i decided i needed more of an ab workout and did more planks, and wall sit-ups with the ball.  But i guess this is all for the better -- i'll be stronger and more prepared for the boats to hit the water.. right? 

Daily Arsenal

Friday, February 17, 2012

Foray Onepoint Ballpoint 1.0mm

 I really hoped i would like this pen.... really i did, especially since we buy these in bulk at work.. i guess that is how i got this pen?  I really dont have a clue how this pen ended up on my desk at work.  It just showed up and me being me kept it.  The pen is made of plastic with a metal clip and a rubberized grip.  It is also a fairly light pen -- probably on par with the bic pens or the papermate stick pens?

Its a bit fatter than i typically like to write (with the nib of it being 1.0mm no surprise there).  It writes fairly well -- no skips in the couple of things I've used it for thus far, but the black is just not black enough.  I'm use to gel pens and the Jetstream pens and this is more of a grey-ish black not true black. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Dinner.. Dumplings with wonton noodles, a piece of fried tofu and veggies :)

Landtraining has begun..

Well, ok maybe begun is not quite the word for it since it's been 3 weeks of training already.  We've started with indoor training because, well its rather cold outside.  The boats are getting prepped, paddles are stinking up my garage (we're re-painting the polyurethane).  Soon, soon precious the boats will be ready and we'll be outside in the cold weather paddling away..

Cant wait!  couple more weeks of gym torture...

oops.. failure at work


saw this bin at work.. total fail.. because what does the sign say?  and what is in there? yep.  boxes and i assume trash.


Should i start back up? its been 2 years since my last post. Some things have changed, others have stayed the same.
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