Friday, February 17, 2012

Foray Onepoint Ballpoint 1.0mm

 I really hoped i would like this pen.... really i did, especially since we buy these in bulk at work.. i guess that is how i got this pen?  I really dont have a clue how this pen ended up on my desk at work.  It just showed up and me being me kept it.  The pen is made of plastic with a metal clip and a rubberized grip.  It is also a fairly light pen -- probably on par with the bic pens or the papermate stick pens?

Its a bit fatter than i typically like to write (with the nib of it being 1.0mm no surprise there).  It writes fairly well -- no skips in the couple of things I've used it for thus far, but the black is just not black enough.  I'm use to gel pens and the Jetstream pens and this is more of a grey-ish black not true black. 

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