Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sooo tired

AAAAI is about a week away -- this is the busiest time of year for me, primarily because I always submit an abstract and since for the last 4 years i've submitted, i've gotten it accepted it just becomes a time of year where i get almost no sleep because I'm trying to get either my poster or my oral abstract done.  Every time i submit i request a poster -- and wind up with an oral abstract.  Ok I'm being generous, for the last 4 years i've submitted, 3 out of the 4 times i've gotten an oral abstract.  While oral abstracts are nicer (it means your abstract got ranked higher and thus more relevance to the world of allergy and asthma)  allied health ones tend to be poorly attended -- we'll see though this year.  They have moved the allied health oral abstract session into the allied health networking luncheon. 

Anyway, being that this oral abstract is slightly "extra curricular" some of it is definitely done outside of my normal job functions since well normal job-ish functions still need to well, um function on a daily basis.  Yes, since its a work sponsored trip i do get to work on some of it at work, but sometimes its just too busy to actually sit down shut the door and work on it.  Today our drafts are due and we're suppose to do a run through, so last night, since I was given some major-ish revisions to my oral abstract (I spent the day going through charts yesterday to get the data i need since the data was not on a scanned form), I worked on graphs and polishing my talk  till about 1:30am.  In addition, sending the draft to the boss for comments and questions.  Needless to say I did not go to bed early and rehearsals are at 9am today so I had to get in early to set up the technology (aka projector and laptop)-- so i'm here at work -- tired and caffeinated.  We'll see how long i last, though i have a meeting at 3pm today so I'm afraid ducking out early is not happening.

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Shangching Huitzacua said...

Sounds very exhausting and consuming. I remembered helping my sister out with her poster before. Definitely not a fun job.

Hanging in there. Try to find an abandoned cubicle, so you can close your eyes for a little bit!

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