Monday, February 27, 2012

Pelle Small Journal


So i received this small pelle notebook the last time i did a JetPens haul and have yet to open it.  Well finally it was opened today at work just for one of my twitter friends.  Do i like it?  Yes-- but i've not used it yet as I _just_ unboxed it now.  How is it with fp ink?  Don't know yet.. will test this later today but as I typically write with EF nibs, YMMV.  

The notebook i bought is the small one, and I am currently regretting that i did not purchase any other inserts other than the 1 that came with it.  I feel that I need more page to play with-- I assure you this is a sign of stationary/pen addiction!

The pages are smooth to the touch, if i could pet my pelle all day like a cat i probably would.. 

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