Sunday, October 20, 2013

The tardy post...

So sorry.. these last few months/weeks have been crazy.  As some of you know I recently moved to a new division within the hospital giant that i work.  Same job title, but different department (so i use to work in peds allergy and now I'm in neurobiology/psychology).   The transition has been a bear -- lots of new things that i've never done before (cognitive testing, anyone?), new protocols to follow -- I use to have 1-2 protocols that i was in charge of.. now i have 13.  Yep its been a crazy few weeks.  In addition, classes also started and since I'm trying to finish up and get decent GPAs to apply to a nursing program classes took precedent over blogging.  While dragon boat was still in the picture it was also sucking out copious amounts of time -- Monday, Wednesdays, Saturday practices.  Classes being Tues until 10pm and Thurs until 7:30ish.  So, having such a full schedule sorta knocked down the free time i've had -- while its tamed down some on the dragon boat side, work has actually taken a lot of my time -- learning new things and all.  Plus the computer i have at work is a bear, by that I mean its a dinosaur bear.  Its an old dell dimension, one that I may have used 5 years ago in my previous department -- i often have to reboot the computer multiple times in a day and walk away in frustration.. and that my friends makes me not want to get onto extraneous sites, like facebook, trolling everyone elses' blogs.   And when i get home, its time for HW and cooking dinner and so on, makes it hard for me to keep in touch with you all.  I strive to be better in the upcoming weeks --- hopefully checking in every so often with some sort of random post.. I swear!

Artistic Rhinolin Desk Pad

Disclaimer:  This desk pad was generously sent to me by Shoplet for review.  The opinions and review does not reflect any influences and biases from Shoplet in regards to office supplies and are my own opinions.  In addition Shoplet does have promotional products such as pens, hilighters and other stationery items as well as clothing such as jackets and promotional shirts for your pursual. 


I received this desk pad from about a week ago and have been using it on my desk since.  Its a nice padded surface where I can put my keyboard down.  In addition it gives me a padded surface to write so that it doesnt feel funny.  I am one of those silly people that love having a stack of paper to write on because it makes the ink darker?  And this does just that -- allows me a padded surface to write on with my office stationary.  In addition because its padded, if i had an expensive desk, rather than my ikea furniture in my office and I wanted to protect the desk from dings and scratches, this would totally do the trick.

It can also double as my mouse pad in cases, since its a matte surface and black it allows my laser mouse to glide seamlessly and smoothly on the surface.  

Since I have it at home on my desk, I'm not as worried about icky germs, but if I were the germaphobic type or if I were sick and the boy wanted to use my really messy desk to use my computer, this has microban that basically helps with microbes.  (aka its antimicrobial).

All in all this is a solid product and I would purchase it.  However, being in the allergy field for so long and hearing so much about the hygiene hypothesis and whether it is so good to be so germaphobic makes me wonder if this is another item that helps eliminate the germs so that our bodies are more hypersensitive to the germs that are around us.  I also wish since this is synthetic material that somehow they incorporated some sort of recycled materials into the making of this product to help the environment somewhat.

Where to Purchase?

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Day 9: Dashboard

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"Day 9: Dashboard since I don't have a dashboard here is tr front page #planneraddictpotd #planneraddict "

BRF: Winnings

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"Thanks @underarmour @uawomen! I found a matching pair #underarmour #freestuff #brf2013 #baltimorerunningfestival #giveaways"

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3: Orange

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"Day 3: orange I write all my work spots in orange #planneraddictpotd #planneraddict #filofax "

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2: where I plan

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"Day 2: where I plan. Usually, sadly at work #planneraddict #planneraddictpotd "

Flu shot?

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"Mandatory flu shot check! #flushot"

Thanks Hopkins.. love the fact that we have mandatory flu shots for everyone that has patient interaction.  It would have been nice to know that I could have gotten the mist as well but I was just told to go stand in line and the lady would give me a form.  Last time I asked you guys told me I had to do an occupational health appointment for the mist -- loved to see that I was misinformed.  Not to worry, I dont mind the flu shot, however, I do mind the fact that my arm is sore for a day afterwards.  

Not your fault, I know, its just the vaccine's fault.. I hate you flu vaccine. Though I do love the fact that after i get you, if i get sick (oh and I typically do), the colds do last a lot shorter. So is it worth it, ya.. i guess.  Did i need to spend 30 mins in lines to get it, probably not but oh wells, the price to pay when you get the entire hospital being mandated to get one.

Anyway, the mandate is nice because it means:

  •  less time needed for sick leaves in case you do get sick
  • less chances that a patient will get me sick (this is what i love the most)
  • less chances that a coworker will get me sick
  • I get a nifty new badge tag in this year's color -- bright orange that I am able to lose and need to call occ health for the proof (this one is totally in jest)

CSA for 10.01.2013

By Popcorn they did not mean 3 bags of popcorn.. I got 3 ears of corn that can be popped.  Now to figure out how to do it though.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Day 1: Cover

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"Back to the pink one I go! #planneraddict #filofax #planneraddictpotd"
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