Sunday, October 20, 2013

Artistic Rhinolin Desk Pad

Disclaimer:  This desk pad was generously sent to me by Shoplet for review.  The opinions and review does not reflect any influences and biases from Shoplet in regards to office supplies and are my own opinions.  In addition Shoplet does have promotional products such as pens, hilighters and other stationery items as well as clothing such as jackets and promotional shirts for your pursual. 


I received this desk pad from about a week ago and have been using it on my desk since.  Its a nice padded surface where I can put my keyboard down.  In addition it gives me a padded surface to write so that it doesnt feel funny.  I am one of those silly people that love having a stack of paper to write on because it makes the ink darker?  And this does just that -- allows me a padded surface to write on with my office stationary.  In addition because its padded, if i had an expensive desk, rather than my ikea furniture in my office and I wanted to protect the desk from dings and scratches, this would totally do the trick.

It can also double as my mouse pad in cases, since its a matte surface and black it allows my laser mouse to glide seamlessly and smoothly on the surface.  

Since I have it at home on my desk, I'm not as worried about icky germs, but if I were the germaphobic type or if I were sick and the boy wanted to use my really messy desk to use my computer, this has microban that basically helps with microbes.  (aka its antimicrobial).

All in all this is a solid product and I would purchase it.  However, being in the allergy field for so long and hearing so much about the hygiene hypothesis and whether it is so good to be so germaphobic makes me wonder if this is another item that helps eliminate the germs so that our bodies are more hypersensitive to the germs that are around us.  I also wish since this is synthetic material that somehow they incorporated some sort of recycled materials into the making of this product to help the environment somewhat.

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