Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hunger games

So I just watched the first of the series in IMAX. If you are anything like me bring a tissue--when Rue died I ended up with a 5 minute crying spree. What they ended cutting out was fine by me (not much about the ibixes, not much about Peeta's leg, and the mayors daughter scene.  The people they casted for the movie worked well -- I could definitely see Lenny Kravitz as Cienna.  Gail and Peeta were good choices as well. 

The way the movie directors did the explanations --- such as what are tracker jacks were ingenious.  They used the announcer (i forget his name now) to discuss what they were and how they worked.  When the first set of cannons went off they also used them to discuss what the cannons meant and who was left.  Great way to keep the details of the book in the movie without taking away from the main plot. 

While the book details a lot of violence, after all the whole point of the games is for there be a fight till there is only 1 person left;  the makers of the movie did not use the movie to showcase un-needed gratuitous violence which was nice.

It was a nice depiction of the book-- good job Lions Gate!

Hunger Games

So we're going to watch the Hunger games today with a bunch of dragon boat friends.. hope it follows the book else I'm going to be very disappointed. 

Daily Arsenal 03.27.2012

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uniball jetstream with alpha grip in black :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dragonboat Team runs

For the last couple of weeks (probably more like 8 weeks now?) my dragon boat club has been doing team runs on Monday nights.  We all get together (by we I mean about 5-10 of us) and go out for a 30-40 minute run-- with everyone running at their own pace.  At the halfway point everyone would turn around and run back so that we would all end up finishing about the same time... well at this point, I had broken my foot and was unable to run with the team.  So, instead of team runs I would spend 60 mins in the gym (it always took them 10-20 mins to corral everyone and get going so i would get a head start) doing cardio, mostly on the recombinant bike.  I was told by my ortho that I was not allowed to do elliptical or anything else that would put pressure on my foot.  So i was restricted to basically the bike, and sometimes the seated row.   Even after I got my walking cast off, I was still hesitant in going out for the runs -- I had attempted it before at the end of Feb on a treadmill and lasted 2 mins before my foot started to hurt so i stopped and switched to elliptical.  So, today was the first day I felt good enough (plus it was gorgeous outside, so I didnt want to be stuck in the gym) to go outside for a run-- and hmm what a run it was.   I probably ran 4 miles, though Nike Run told me i did 5 and some change, in about 45 mins or so-- which is fairly decent since well i've not really run since before last October (had a plantar facititis flare right before the Baltimore Marathon series).  I was running 10 min miles before and from what I can tell I was running sub-10 min miles today, yippie!

Daily Arsenal 03.19.2012

pelikan 150, sarsa stick blue black 0.3mm

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Out of the 3 J Crew dresses, this is the one that people liked best.. so we're going with it-- its the Sophia (in case people were wondering)  I am also keeping the shorter one (seen below)  since it was uber cheap and well i need a formal dress for the cruse anyway?

I believe the shorter dress is called the Evie.  I got it on clearance with an additional 30% off discount so for $41 why not?  :D

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sarah wanted a comparison...

Sarah (@DIYsarah) wanted to know the difference between the EF, F etc nibs for the Pilot pens.  I happen to have a matte VP in EF and a pelikan 150 with a German EF nib so we did a little writing test.  She also commented that she had some gel pens that were 0.3 and 0.4 (which as a pen addict I also happen to have...) so did a little writing test for her with random pens that i have sitting on my desk.  

Daily Arsenal 03.16.2012

pelikan EF 150 with irosho blue ink, signio 0.7mm ink in pink or orange.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Daily Arsenal 03.15.2012 part 2

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Daily Arsenal 03.15.2012

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 uni kuru toga 0.5 that i won from Uniball a couple of months ago..

ok was late to journal club so this was the pen/pencil used today at 8.. but will probably integrate a pen of sorts into it later today.. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Life in general

I feel so apathetic coming to work these days-- is it because its the amount of work I have to complete?  is it because I'm tired of being here?  I guess I'm slowly getting tired of what here is and what "here" means.  I guess its time to start looking and searching....

Daily Arsenal 03.13.2012

sharpie perm marker, dr grip pen, jetstream color series

Monday, March 12, 2012

So tired..

Is it just me or is it because:
  1. the first day of daylights savings time
  2. i'm just tired
  3. time to find a new job
  4. took zyrtec
I am so tired today.. for no reason -- as far as I can tell.  I've been slow all day -- it was so hard to get up this morning to come to work and i'm just still not with it and its close to 14:30!  Wish i could figure out how to make my day pass faster..  In addition, we have DB group run tonight and i'm suppose to be there...

Daily Arsenal 03.12.2012

Monday, March 5, 2012

Work conference

Hmmm attempted to publish while i was out of town.. apparently this didnt work so well..
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