Friday, June 29, 2007


What a hassle -- discovered that my driver's license had mysteriously disappeared in the past 2 days and since I am driving down to the eastern shore this weekend it was imperative that i find it.. or get a new one. Instead of looking for it i decided it was way easier to just aquire a new one. Had to dig out my passport and some other forms of ID so that I could go to the MVA (which is open at 830.. dohs and closes at 4:30.) what is up with that? I mean people with jobs cant do those hours.. and its not just 1 MVA its like all mva's are open at those hours.. BLAH! anyway, my picture is really bad but hey i can drive and thats all i care about right?

Volleyball yesterday.. hmm that was an experience in itself.. we lost 2 games in a matter of hmm 15 mins.. yes i have no clue.. obviously we lost the match.. well i guess thats what we get when we have a 1 armed player (one of the players broke his left wrist..?)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So i still dont have a work computer, good thing we have a laptop that I am using. Well out of the 3 people that were scheduled today, guess how many showed? Thats right, none! None of them really had the courtesy to call and cancel, but instead just did not show up. The 11am subject asked if she could bring her 3 children.. hmm right we dont have that much room in the clinic areas.. Turns out we couldnt. And rescheduling her was just not feasable, all the times that we thought were good she could not make. (oh well) The afternoon subject was a child, too bad that one did not show up at all, nor did she call to cancel, instead when we called, her daughter kept stating that they were coming and mom was asleep. So 2pm rolls around and no child, no cab, we called the cab and they sent a second cab out because apparently the first cab did not pick up. Well, when we finally got ahold of someone, they stated that they were not coming [big suprise, right?], and that the child was scared of needles [understandable, but still why wait till 2pm, when your appointment is 2:45 to let us know?] Then we called cab to cancel, and the dispatch was like ya we know, thats why the first cabbie was canceled.. (ummm so if they knew why did they not tell us when we asked for a second cab?) duhs!

Its been so hot and humid outside lately! 90's everyday and on top of that totally humid, its been forcasting rain for the past 3 days and no rain, thus the humidity is what 80% or so? ick.. with the humidity, the heat forcast for baltimore today was in the 100's... so nasty out. Even I would not go outside to get food for lunch, ate cafeteria food (the only thing safe is the pizza, hah!)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

LH's new song!

So last tuesday Hitoradio in taiwan broadcasted leehom's new song called "Falling Leaf Returns to Root" (落葉歸根). The mv was shot in LA over Memorial Day weekend *sigh* wish we were there, oh well.. not a big deal i got to walk around NYC instead. Anyway, the song was really sweet and nice, and now on like the singapore station that i listen to during my day. haha Like Elly i cant wait for the album "Changes My Ways" (改變自己), its on preorder at yesasia now or i guess if you live in taiwan.. you can preorder there for me. muahaha! [i guess this only applies to ben, i need more friends in taiwan *sigh*].

His world premiere of the mv is coming soon and all the fan clubs were invited to be part of the premiere. Like they would be broadcasted to the studios in and would get to see the mv, and also hear from Leehom. THey want it to show a lot of people in the room, so I am out and so is elly since we dont have the number of fans in the area. *sigh* We gave the privilege to LA and we wanted to give TO an opportunity but Sony isnt willing to open another stream for the Canadians.. so LA wins with 22 people from the MV shoot that want in. (too bad its 3am their time because its broadcasting 6pm Tw time) It would have been 6am EST, but oh well, we arent in TO with bunks nor are we anywhere close together *sigh*

Wow its been a while..

So i realize its been a while since i've been around. The wacky-ness of changing jobs, and dealing with the remnants of work and learning my new job has really taken a while. So its been about a month, and the new job is still a work in progress. I am still learning the ropes, and figuring out things. Yesterday we were having problems with skin testing and err *cough* we ended up having to test the histamine. i ended up with 6 histamine wheals on my arm.. good thing histamine goes away fast not like allergens, though i did look a bit strange running around with 6 red bumps (evenly spaced, mind you) with writing all over my arms (we were testing lots..)

On top of that we had 2 subjects yesterday. We do skin testing so they are suppose to be off all antihistamines... oopsies, can we say one of them forgot? Anyway, he sounded like he needed more antihistamines. So he's been rescheduled, and i need to call him the day before the 4th to remind him no antihistamines all weekend long (poor guy). Second patient seemed almost like a professional study subject, calm cool collected till we told him he would not be getting cash, that it was a check and that it would be mailed ot his house.. then he got upset, and stated that all the other studies that he had done they paid him cash, etc. Well, our study u dont get cash, blabla is the standard response we gave him, anyway the skin test didnt work on him so he has to come back. In addition to all that drama, we had cab driver drama. Stupid cab driver lied to us and told us yes they were there to pick up our subject, when in fact he was not, he just happened to be in the area. Duh! when he found out our patient would not be paying him cash, he dropped him off on the street corner! wtf! We called the cab company and they couldnt help us because the cabbie did not log it in, so now in addition to getting the cabbie's number we must get the trip number from the cab company when we make the trip arrangements.. what a bunch of bureaucracy. Oh well.
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