Friday, June 29, 2007


What a hassle -- discovered that my driver's license had mysteriously disappeared in the past 2 days and since I am driving down to the eastern shore this weekend it was imperative that i find it.. or get a new one. Instead of looking for it i decided it was way easier to just aquire a new one. Had to dig out my passport and some other forms of ID so that I could go to the MVA (which is open at 830.. dohs and closes at 4:30.) what is up with that? I mean people with jobs cant do those hours.. and its not just 1 MVA its like all mva's are open at those hours.. BLAH! anyway, my picture is really bad but hey i can drive and thats all i care about right?

Volleyball yesterday.. hmm that was an experience in itself.. we lost 2 games in a matter of hmm 15 mins.. yes i have no clue.. obviously we lost the match.. well i guess thats what we get when we have a 1 armed player (one of the players broke his left wrist..?)

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