Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wow its been a while..

So i realize its been a while since i've been around. The wacky-ness of changing jobs, and dealing with the remnants of work and learning my new job has really taken a while. So its been about a month, and the new job is still a work in progress. I am still learning the ropes, and figuring out things. Yesterday we were having problems with skin testing and err *cough* we ended up having to test the histamine. i ended up with 6 histamine wheals on my arm.. good thing histamine goes away fast not like allergens, though i did look a bit strange running around with 6 red bumps (evenly spaced, mind you) with writing all over my arms (we were testing lots..)

On top of that we had 2 subjects yesterday. We do skin testing so they are suppose to be off all antihistamines... oopsies, can we say one of them forgot? Anyway, he sounded like he needed more antihistamines. So he's been rescheduled, and i need to call him the day before the 4th to remind him no antihistamines all weekend long (poor guy). Second patient seemed almost like a professional study subject, calm cool collected till we told him he would not be getting cash, that it was a check and that it would be mailed ot his house.. then he got upset, and stated that all the other studies that he had done they paid him cash, etc. Well, our study u dont get cash, blabla is the standard response we gave him, anyway the skin test didnt work on him so he has to come back. In addition to all that drama, we had cab driver drama. Stupid cab driver lied to us and told us yes they were there to pick up our subject, when in fact he was not, he just happened to be in the area. Duh! when he found out our patient would not be paying him cash, he dropped him off on the street corner! wtf! We called the cab company and they couldnt help us because the cabbie did not log it in, so now in addition to getting the cabbie's number we must get the trip number from the cab company when we make the trip arrangements.. what a bunch of bureaucracy. Oh well.

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