Monday, May 21, 2007

wackiness at work, resigning.. etc!

So i resigned from my position last thursday (05/17/2007). Yay for me... boo for the program. Not only are we severely understaffed, now with me gone there really is no one left in the program full time other than the program manager. He will have to shadow me for 2 weeks (well if you take out the weekends and holidays.. more like a week), and it will be his responsibility to translate all this knowledge to the next person in the job. So when i went in to give my resignation, i started crying.. I dont know why, but I just know that I am THAT emotional, so it was not unfounded that i would start to cry. Why cry when i've been griping over the work situation? well, perhaps its because i know that the patients really wont have an advocate for the time being. I will miss my patients, perhaps thats why i cried.. and i will also miss some of my friends from here.. *sigh* I got asked repeatedly why i was leaving, and if there was anything they could do to prevent me from giving my resignation, to which i basically said i'm taking this new job no matter what, so pretty much nothing will be keeping me from moving.

Friday I decided I needed to tell my PI directly, and went over to his office to give him my resignation as well as my former manager. Of course i started crying there too..(this emotional thing again..) My former manager was not told by anyone, and I was the first to tell her. She agreed it was best for me to leave, and told me to stop crying (course with me telling me to stop crying doesnt work..)

But in between all this, work has been piling up (of course.. when does it not?) oh well, guess its not going to be my problem for very much longer. Wednesday (05/16/07), one of my patients found out some news that he didnt want to hear. I remember distinctly when he was going through the bx process, he stated that he hoped that he would not have to come back and hear bad news. Well it was bad news that he heard *sigh* but the program will help him through all his hardships and hopefully he will get the treatment he deserves and will be able to get all that help that he needs in order to get everything done. He is the last patient I will be working with, since his appointment date is the 30th and my last day is the 1st. I have already started the calling of my patients to tell them i am moving on.. i am such a good lackey!


Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK MJ!!! *hugs*


munkee said...

awww! MJ!!

one day, u're gonna make an amazing doctor!

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