Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mezze, Fells Pt, Baltimore, MD

Well, Mezze is never a good place to go (just because its in fells point) and fells point is just insane on friday nights.. Well, we went without reservations, which is usually not a good idea, because they may refuse to sit you, but they were nice enough to seat us today. Their babah ganoush is pretty good, so that is always an order, we tried the smoked salmon, grilled? salmon, raw oysters, portabella mushrooms.

Today it took a while to actually get the menus. It took our waiter a couple of minutes before he realized we were seated and had no menus.. He quickly rectified it, and gave us menus, and immidately asked us if we wished to order drinks. We asked for a couple of minutes to decide (why bother since we always order sangria.?) We decided on the white today instead of the red, and got a similarly sweet sangria (i am still not sure i like theirs as much as i like Tapas Teatro or Tio Pepe's) The white sangria i think was better than the red, but it has been a while since i've had the red. The food came rather rapidly today. The oysters were yummy, too bad JL refused to have any. But most of the food was rather unremarkable, the tiramasu was really yummy.. (hmm notice i jump straight to the dessert?) hah so was the dessert JL and CH shared.. forget the name but it had like pistasho and ice cream.. and some yummy layered phyllo dough stuff..

CH getting ready to eat her oyster Me after i had an oyster in my mouth

edit: blahs i will fix my table later.

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