Friday, June 29, 2012

Cupcake Friday

Peppermint Lemonade - lemon cupcake with lemon curd filling and a lemon butter cream frosting with a peppermint stick.  I didnt taste much of the peppermint in the cupcake, just the peppermint stick.. so i'm not entirely sure that there really is any peppermint flavor in it.  Nonetheless, yummy

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

BDBC challenge - prep


So instead of going to work today, I was on a dragon boat for most of the morning.. well ok i was on the dock taking pictures of my team on the dragon boat.. The film crew had us be there from 5:30am until about 9:30 am.

I decided since i was going to be there for all of that, I would then take the rest of the day off to run dragon boat related errands, and finish up my team captain duties....

IMG_0937IMG_0938IMG_0939sophie's clouds in the waterIMG_0941

BDBC challenge - prep, a set on Flickr.

Dragonboating early in the AM

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Zebra Airfit Gel Giveaway winner

airfitgel gway

A week or so ago, i had a post on the Zebra Airfit Jell.  Since I had an extra i decided that it was a good giveaway. did the picking of the winner.. and thus the 4th comment was from Kevin who is essentially Aziziah.. so as i already have your mailing address.. did you want me to send the package care of Tyco?

If you didnt win this and would love one of these pens, here's the link where you can drool and order one for yourself or you can try your luck with East West Everywhere's giveaway.  Now i've got to go see where the hubby stashed my envelope where this pen was being stored :D

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Cupcake Friday

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"Cupcake Friday"
Victoria cupcake - vanilla cake with vanilla frosting, but strawberry jam inside.

Sadly I did not like the cupcake as much as I liked the description.  There wasn't enough Strawberry flavor for me-- i guess not enough jam.

mini Pilot Hi-Tec-C Review

After winning Gourmet Pens' Pelle journal giveaway recently, she kindly enclosed some additional gifts, 2 Pilot Hi-Tec-C's (in mauve and turquoise).  I had received them while i was busy trying to get last minute details for the wedding ready and did not have time to play with the pens-- well i also sorta accidentally misplaced them in a purse pocket...

They did go on the cruise with me and I am glad to say they came back with me from the cruise.  The 2 pens i received were both 0.3mm points and I love my uber fine tipped pens so this was a very appropriate sized tip for me to enjoy.  After writing with them for a bit, I am happy to report that they rank among some of my favorite gel tipped pens.  They are smooth writers, very vibrant colors are available and have almost no skipping.  With such fine tipped pens usually with the rollerball in these pens have skipping issues once in a while, but they have pretty consistent lines when you write with them.  I did have a bit of skipping with the mauve pen (though I couldn't always replicate it)  i tried a bunch of different things, I guess the roller ball just got stuck.  Other than that they were both very lovely to use-- great colors, very thin points which i ecstatically love :)  to the point where for a goodbye gift for one of the Clinical Fellows that i've worked closely with, i purchased 2 purple Hi-tec-C's in 0.4mm to give to her.   

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dragon boat practice, Full boat edition

Yesterday we had a dragonboat practice at 8am. By the time we showed up for the practice there were so many people milling about.  We had an idea that we would have approximately 34 people show up, but once everything was said and done we ended up with 2 full boats, drummers (aka coaches) and steerers and all.   Of all the people that showed up for practice we had about 1 full boat of newbies (people that have had less than 2-3 practices under their belt) and obviously then the other boat full of seasoned paddlers.  The practice started late mostly because we had so many people and we had to split them up into 2 more or less even boats.  When we got out, because of all the 1812 things going on in the harbor in the next month or so, there was a lot of water traffic so we stayed away from high traffic areas, but we also ended up having to go over a lot of fundamentals -- again with the copious number of newbies this is crucial.  This allows them not to get frustrated that we are going too fast for them, it reenforces the technique for the older members-- a win-win situation here.  The practice ended up being less of a workout and more of a technique practice.

Then once we got back from on shore we had an audience.  Some of the training staff were going back out with a team building group.  We had 34 children from a local church youth group that had requested a team building exercise.  Again, 2 boats had to go out -- but these are really novice paddlers, and they are kids, so they like to look around.  This made for an interesting paddling session --an hour of wobbling boats, the realization they left all their water in coolers on the dock, and 2 "races" later we were done.  The coaches quickly grabbed all the gear, took it all back to storage, and it was off to working on boats we went.

We have a partnership with the MD Catholic Charities group that puts together a dragonboat race in baltimore inner harbor every other year.  The partnership allows for us to borrow boats from Catholic charities to run our festival every June.  In return, we prep the  boats for them and do boat maintenance.  We have been working quite a few weekends on boat prep, paddle prep.. and now that our festival is on the horizon we're stepping it into high gear.   That was about 2 hours of team bonding, getting dirty, etc.

How's that for a Saturday of fun?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ohto Capstick Pen Review

IMG_0861 IMG_0874 IMG_0875
 This pen was generously sent to me by Jetpens for review.  The opinions and review does not reflect any influences from them and are my opinions only.

This is a teeny tiny pen. Per Jet Pens, this pen is "less than 4 inches long capped and 4.45 inches long when in use". It is similar in size to the Ohto Tasche needle point ball point.  While the Tasche extends and becomes longer in length when you post the cap.  The capstick, however, uses the cap to push the pen tip forward. The pen is available in various colors red & black, as well as pink & black.  Jetpens sent me the black barrel with the pink cap.  Above the right most picture is a picture of me holding the capstick next to a zebra sarsa gel pen.

The pen is pretty light, and made of I believe, aluminum -- I cannot find this exact pen on the Ohto Japan website since they have since updated it to have a wooden/brass barrel and no more push cap per a comment on the Pen Addict.  The barrel of the capstick that i received is hexagonal in shape.  The cap fits in the back of the pen and pushes the pen tip forward and extends it so that you can write with the pen.

While this is a cool concept, there is a potential downfall... what happens if you lose the cap? You would then never be able to extend the tip of the pen, and thus have a useless pen. In addition, since the pen is made of aluminum, i suppose if you bend the cap slightly and knock the cap askew it may not be postable any longer and then you would again have a useless pen. Cool concept, but potentially a problem if you are absent minded or accident prone.

The pen is a ballpoint pen and can be refilled.  You can find the ball point refills here on Jetpens.  You could potentially if you had a gel pen refill that you wanted to mutilate, like a pilot hi-tec-c slim knock, use the ink as a refill.  You would have to cut the refill a bit since the slim knock refill is longer than the capstick.  (I have not done this so I cannot verify the authenticity of this comment just yet -- I'll probably do it if i get a 2nd slim knock to play with).  The ballpoint ink that comes with the pen writes in a dark black ink, and it does not look like i have had any blips or blobs from the ink.  It writes really well - no skips on regular Arc paper.  I have no problem holding the pen in my hands, but again I do have smaller hands. 

If you like unique pens and want to potentially have a small pen to toss in a small purse or in your pocket, this may be a nice pen for you.  However, because I am really good at losing things such as pen caps, and am horribly clumsy (i've had the pen for 3 days as I'm writing this and have basically dropped the pen at least 3 times already), this pen is probably not one I would recommend to someone like myself.  In addition, I tend to have larger purses, but if i were using a smaller wristlet type purse this would be the ideal size.

Where to Purchase?

Other Reviews

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Jetstream 0.7mm black ink :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lunch from a food truck you say?

There's a new food truck in town called Noodlerolla.  The prices are appropriate, rolls start at $5, the burrito which you can see in the right 2 pictures was like 7?  The Sushi/Sashimi bento box was close to 13$. 

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