Friday, June 1, 2012

Dragonboat fun 05.31.2012

So... there's a race this weekend.. its been rather hectic life after work.. Practice happened -- a LOT.  We had race practice Tues night, open practice Wed night and final tune-up race practice last night.. Basically i've been running out of work and getting to the dock and paddling my heart out.. except for... Wed night.

I've been training as a steerer, but because of this and that I've not been steering much this season.. far less than the 2 newer people practicing.. partially because the coach forgot.. and partially because I dont really ask.. I would rather paddle anyway right?  

So i get to practice Wed night and as I'm milling around I get told well Eli is steering and if we have overflow (aka we have too many people to go out on 1 boat)  you are steering.. *gulp!*  But but I've not steered at all this season really... and especially not during the evenings when the current is funky.. uh ok I guess I can do it.

What I learned Wed night from steering:
  • steering backwards you need to look backwards... 
  • when steering backwards you steer like you though you normally would before you started steering and realized everything is opposite what you really thing.. (so if you want to go left, turn the steering oar right, and push left)  
  • i don't know how to steer backwards.. forwards is WAY easier
  • I can steer the boat during evening practices -- and not capsize the boat :D
  • I need to steer barefooted - my arches hurt too much if i try to do otherwise

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