Saturday, June 2, 2012

Independence Dragonboat Regatta

By the time you read this.. I will have been awake for at least 4 hours.. if not more.  My dragonboat team is racing this weekend at the Independence Dragon boat Regatta, held in Philadelphia, PA.  The race is held early June every year and its a fundraiser for the Philadelphia Dragon boat team.   The race is comprised of mixed teams, women's teams, and youth? teams -- and usually we get a bunch of rather nice club teams that go each year.   Racing is usually pretty boring unless you are the team actually paddling -- its similar to a track meet where you race a heat, and then you wait... for a couple of hours.. race again.. and then you wait. 

For me and the coaching staff its a lesson in patience and is a huge stressor in our lives.   There are waivers to be signed, hotel rooms to be found, race day food prep to happen, carpools, etc.  not to mention the seating arrangements for each race heat that we're paddling in.  Race strategies need to be discussed... and so forth.

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