Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ohto Capstick Pen Review

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 This pen was generously sent to me by Jetpens for review.  The opinions and review does not reflect any influences from them and are my opinions only.

This is a teeny tiny pen. Per Jet Pens, this pen is "less than 4 inches long capped and 4.45 inches long when in use". It is similar in size to the Ohto Tasche needle point ball point.  While the Tasche extends and becomes longer in length when you post the cap.  The capstick, however, uses the cap to push the pen tip forward. The pen is available in various colors red & black, as well as pink & black.  Jetpens sent me the black barrel with the pink cap.  Above the right most picture is a picture of me holding the capstick next to a zebra sarsa gel pen.

The pen is pretty light, and made of I believe, aluminum -- I cannot find this exact pen on the Ohto Japan website since they have since updated it to have a wooden/brass barrel and no more push cap per a comment on the Pen Addict.  The barrel of the capstick that i received is hexagonal in shape.  The cap fits in the back of the pen and pushes the pen tip forward and extends it so that you can write with the pen.

While this is a cool concept, there is a potential downfall... what happens if you lose the cap? You would then never be able to extend the tip of the pen, and thus have a useless pen. In addition, since the pen is made of aluminum, i suppose if you bend the cap slightly and knock the cap askew it may not be postable any longer and then you would again have a useless pen. Cool concept, but potentially a problem if you are absent minded or accident prone.

The pen is a ballpoint pen and can be refilled.  You can find the ball point refills here on Jetpens.  You could potentially if you had a gel pen refill that you wanted to mutilate, like a pilot hi-tec-c slim knock, use the ink as a refill.  You would have to cut the refill a bit since the slim knock refill is longer than the capstick.  (I have not done this so I cannot verify the authenticity of this comment just yet -- I'll probably do it if i get a 2nd slim knock to play with).  The ballpoint ink that comes with the pen writes in a dark black ink, and it does not look like i have had any blips or blobs from the ink.  It writes really well - no skips on regular Arc paper.  I have no problem holding the pen in my hands, but again I do have smaller hands. 

If you like unique pens and want to potentially have a small pen to toss in a small purse or in your pocket, this may be a nice pen for you.  However, because I am really good at losing things such as pen caps, and am horribly clumsy (i've had the pen for 3 days as I'm writing this and have basically dropped the pen at least 3 times already), this pen is probably not one I would recommend to someone like myself.  In addition, I tend to have larger purses, but if i were using a smaller wristlet type purse this would be the ideal size.

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Azizah said...

Oh CUTE! I love the pics of it. I love little pens lately..

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