Tuesday, June 26, 2007

LH's new song!

So last tuesday Hitoradio in taiwan broadcasted leehom's new song called "Falling Leaf Returns to Root" (落葉歸根). The mv was shot in LA over Memorial Day weekend *sigh* wish we were there, oh well.. not a big deal i got to walk around NYC instead. Anyway, the song was really sweet and nice, and now on like the singapore station that i listen to during my day. haha Like Elly i cant wait for the album "Changes My Ways" (改變自己), its on preorder at yesasia now or i guess if you live in taiwan.. you can preorder there for me. muahaha! [i guess this only applies to ben, i need more friends in taiwan *sigh*].

His world premiere of the mv is coming soon and all the fan clubs were invited to be part of the premiere. Like they would be broadcasted to the studios in sony.tw and would get to see the mv, and also hear from Leehom. THey want it to show a lot of people in the room, so I am out and so is elly since we dont have the number of fans in the area. *sigh* We gave the privilege to LA and we wanted to give TO an opportunity but Sony isnt willing to open another stream for the Canadians.. so LA wins with 22 people from the MV shoot that want in. (too bad its 3am their time because its broadcasting 6pm Tw time) It would have been 6am EST, but oh well, we arent in TO with bunks nor are we anywhere close together *sigh*

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