Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So i still dont have a work computer, good thing we have a laptop that I am using. Well out of the 3 people that were scheduled today, guess how many showed? Thats right, none! None of them really had the courtesy to call and cancel, but instead just did not show up. The 11am subject asked if she could bring her 3 children.. hmm right we dont have that much room in the clinic areas.. Turns out we couldnt. And rescheduling her was just not feasable, all the times that we thought were good she could not make. (oh well) The afternoon subject was a child, too bad that one did not show up at all, nor did she call to cancel, instead when we called, her daughter kept stating that they were coming and mom was asleep. So 2pm rolls around and no child, no cab, we called the cab and they sent a second cab out because apparently the first cab did not pick up. Well, when we finally got ahold of someone, they stated that they were not coming [big suprise, right?], and that the child was scared of needles [understandable, but still why wait till 2pm, when your appointment is 2:45 to let us know?] Then we called cab to cancel, and the dispatch was like ya we know, thats why the first cabbie was canceled.. (ummm so if they knew why did they not tell us when we asked for a second cab?) duhs!

Its been so hot and humid outside lately! 90's everyday and on top of that totally humid, its been forcasting rain for the past 3 days and no rain, thus the humidity is what 80% or so? ick.. with the humidity, the heat forcast for baltimore today was in the 100's... so nasty out. Even I would not go outside to get food for lunch, ate cafeteria food (the only thing safe is the pizza, hah!)

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