Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hunger games

So I just watched the first of the series in IMAX. If you are anything like me bring a tissue--when Rue died I ended up with a 5 minute crying spree. What they ended cutting out was fine by me (not much about the ibixes, not much about Peeta's leg, and the mayors daughter scene.  The people they casted for the movie worked well -- I could definitely see Lenny Kravitz as Cienna.  Gail and Peeta were good choices as well. 

The way the movie directors did the explanations --- such as what are tracker jacks were ingenious.  They used the announcer (i forget his name now) to discuss what they were and how they worked.  When the first set of cannons went off they also used them to discuss what the cannons meant and who was left.  Great way to keep the details of the book in the movie without taking away from the main plot. 

While the book details a lot of violence, after all the whole point of the games is for there be a fight till there is only 1 person left;  the makers of the movie did not use the movie to showcase un-needed gratuitous violence which was nice.

It was a nice depiction of the book-- good job Lions Gate!

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