Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Flu shot?

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"Mandatory flu shot check! #flushot"

Thanks Hopkins.. love the fact that we have mandatory flu shots for everyone that has patient interaction.  It would have been nice to know that I could have gotten the mist as well but I was just told to go stand in line and the lady would give me a form.  Last time I asked you guys told me I had to do an occupational health appointment for the mist -- loved to see that I was misinformed.  Not to worry, I dont mind the flu shot, however, I do mind the fact that my arm is sore for a day afterwards.  

Not your fault, I know, its just the vaccine's fault.. I hate you flu vaccine. Though I do love the fact that after i get you, if i get sick (oh and I typically do), the colds do last a lot shorter. So is it worth it, ya.. i guess.  Did i need to spend 30 mins in lines to get it, probably not but oh wells, the price to pay when you get the entire hospital being mandated to get one.

Anyway, the mandate is nice because it means:

  •  less time needed for sick leaves in case you do get sick
  • less chances that a patient will get me sick (this is what i love the most)
  • less chances that a coworker will get me sick
  • I get a nifty new badge tag in this year's color -- bright orange that I am able to lose and need to call occ health for the proof (this one is totally in jest)

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