Monday, February 20, 2012

Land Training wk 3

So its now week 3 in DB land training-- my dragonboat team is in Baltimore, and we have it nice that our team practices at the Under Armour HQ where they have a gym.  Every year (for the last 3 years) we hire one of their personal trainers for the 2 months leading up to getting the boats on the water and have group workout sessions.  The sessions are twice a week (usually Wed/Sat) and get more intense as the weeks go by.  So week 1 was fairly light, week 2 a bit harder, and week 3 a bit harder, and so forth. 

Fun, right? 

Well as it happens, i broke a bone in my foot back in November and finally got a walking cast in January (right around the time we were to start land training) and was told not to use the foot and to keep off of it until February (when i had my follow up).  So this past Saturday was the 1st time I was allowed to use my foot (and join in on all the leg exercises) that the team had been doing for the last 3 weeks -- so needless to say I am sore.. stupidly sore.  Hamstrings? yep i feel it, Quads-- again yep.. I was still able to do chest presses, shoulder shrugs, pec flys, etc -- as long as i could be seated i could do it so my arms and shoulders are fine, but nothing is like 20 reps of squats and lunges ad nausium for your legs to be dead.. (Ashley would be so proud!) 

And then we had a smallish workout session yesterday (Sunday) since the fiance and a couple of other guys were doing group workouts at the gym and i typically tag along.  So Sunday morning at 8:30 i was in the gym doing my 10 min warmup on the bike and then doing the weight circuit.  Leg extensions were fun, so were the lat pulls (apparently abs are involved) and to top it off i decided i needed more of an ab workout and did more planks, and wall sit-ups with the ball.  But i guess this is all for the better -- i'll be stronger and more prepared for the boats to hit the water.. right? 

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Azizah said...

It feels good to be sore from a work out, doesn't it? ... Except for your injury. I hope you're all healed up!! I'm looking forward to more DB posts - it is fascinating. What an awesome sport!

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