Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Monday?

So its Monday morning.. and even better 7:30am, and where am i, you ask? I am at work, and have been since 7ish. The day got off to a great start, with me feeling cranky because my wisdom tooth is coming in, and now my gums are sore, and I'm not sure if i need to get the gums lanced again because i'm developing an infection, or of it is just sore because my wisdom tooth is coming in. Then, spilling water (at least it was not the coffee i was making, right?) all over myself. After that, not being able to find office keys so i can unlock all the appropriate doors (this is about 5 different doors..) Well, we'll see how the rest of my day turns out.

How is the job seeking you ask? well, I dont quite know. Still interviewing at places, got formal rejection from the lady I met with on Wednesday on friday.. *sighs* I've so many decisions to do, firstly, am i really looking for a job that I like now? or is it something just to take me away from here, and that is why I am considering it? I mean, its come to the point where I dont even want to come to work at all, and when i do, i'm not entirely focused on work. Don't get me wrong, with patients i still go for the full 100% if not 110%, but the paperwork crap that i've been working with? I think i'm slowly losing interest in it all (a sign that I truely need a change of scenery). I still love working with the patients, however, I think that the amount of work that I get piled on my load gets larger as the days go by. In addition, we let go one of our temps, (for personal and professional reasons) and thus I have to work on that position's work as well as what i would normally have on my load. We also got another temp to replace a second temp that left, and in theory I am suppose to be training her, but she's a know it all... so when i taught her stuff, she stated she knew it all, so my training lasted 5 mins. (we'll see what happens when she has to work with our patients...)

I was also suppose to be subbing My Lucky Stars, i got 15 mins in, but so much dialogue, I ended up having to pause after each person spoke to finish writing what needed to be written down and translated, so the first 15 mins took about an hour. So, that stopped at 10 last night, and i watched the rest of episode 1 and started watching ep 2. I had thought originally i would have ep 1 and 2 done by this weekend, obviously that did not work out.. oopsies.!

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smeLLyphant37 said...

You're one BUSY chick! Good luck with a new job!!!

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