Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Arghs.. sometimes u gotta love em!

So yesterday I had a child (16 y.o one but still), anyway, grandmom came with child. I swear i warned the research team way ahead of the appointment that we would potentially be there for a bit longer than expected.. boy was that an understatement.. I was there for a whole extra hour.. and it was hemming and hawwing the entire time. Good thing i got to work with the kid.. poor Nurse Coordinator got to work with g'mom. She was ready to throttle her within the first hour, imho (but not too sure since i was in a separate room with the "child" Anyway what was suppose to be a 2 hour appointment turned into a 3 hour appointment.. and this is with us hurrying the g'mom along.. if we let her just talk i bet it could have easily extended until 7pm (that would be a 4 hour appointment for those of you keeping track). We got back up to the offices and dropped everything and said ok lets go! And left for the day.. yep she was that bad

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