Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life, in general

As I have eluded to life, has been crazy this past week.  If you follow me on twitter, facebook, etc.  You will know that I became an Aunt on Feb 1st.  Yay!  However, the baby had a congenital heart issue and was brought to Hopkins to get surgery done (not so yay).  While the baby was in the PICU recovering from surgery I got a phone call from a cousin -- the cousin who is currently residing in Massachusetts.  He had called to let me know that he had heard from my uncle, his father, and that my grandmom was not doing so well -- she had started to refuse food.

That set off a litany of phone calls with the family, texts, facebook messages, etc.  Not all of my father's side is in the states, so there is a lot of coordinating that was going on and since everyone was on facebook it was one of the easiest ways for my cousin to get everyone.  

In addition, the spring semester has started and work and school makes my life crazy.  So with the additional 2 things (grandmom not doing well and the baby in the PICU) there has been almost no time to do anything other than sleep and read for class.  In addition, every Feb we have a huge allergy & immunology conference, this year it's being held in San Antonio.  I've got a oral abstract accepted (yay!) but it means lots of extra work -- time that I dont have sadly -- I'm so woefully behind on every aspect of my life right now.. 

I wanted to participate in writing month, but other than getting Aziziah's letter (which I have yet to open, btw) i've not done anything.. except impulsively shop for a pen ... haha!  

a pen addict always, right?

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