Friday, August 30, 2013

Shoplet Flexi-View Presentation Binder & Avery Table of Contents 8 tab dividers

Firstly, these organization cubes were sent to me by shoplet, and the info that you see here are all of my own opinion. They did not pay me (other than to send me these pens) to say what I am about to say..


I received another shoplet parcel in the mail.  This time it was a binder and some Avery Ready index tabs in addition to some labels.  I typically use these types of binders for school work and for stuff for work so very useful here.  In addition, we typically use index tabs regularly at work for my study charts -- so i'm well versed in these tabs.   I love the binder, since I've started school again and have classes that for some reason feel that a 3 ringed binder book works well for students -- not quite sure how since i've had issues with needing reinforcements previously when its a highly used book and IMHO anatomy is a subject where we flip through the book a lot.  But that is a different subject.  What is nice about the binder is that it has a folder in the front for me to put a cover page in so that I can see what I have in the binder.   As you can see below, you can open up the front cover and slip in a cover page in.


What else did I like?  I liked the fact that on the right side of the binder there is a pocket.  In addition to the pocket, while I wont need this for class, but it would be nice for work presentations, is a pocket for business cards.  


What I did not like about the binder is that its a circle ring rather than a D ring mechanism.  I am only biased because the D ring mechanisms hold a lot more paper in comparison, otherwise it wouldn't be that big of a deal for me.  The mechanism opens and closes with a click.  Yes it is not one of those easy open ones where it opens with a small push, but even then it is not a bad mechanism.  Its similar to the run of the mill binders in terms of the mechanisms.


The binder looks to be sturdy -- definitely sturdy enough for a work presentation and school use.


Now onto the table of content page dividers.  As I said, I use these currently at work and found them very easy to use. There are instructions when you open the package up that tell you how to set up your printer so that you can easily print out the different dividers.  The front page (table of contents page) is reinforced so that with repeated page turns you would not be fraying the holes -- this is key in an often used and repeated use table of contents.  I've had no problems with these with any of the binders I've used at work.  In addition, I love how colorful the tabs are and they are very easy to read as well. 

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