Wednesday, February 28, 2007

OMG! Leehom Overload

Well, munkee got me started on this.. and since she was babbling a bit about the LHW concert i thought i would join and babble as well.

A couple of nights prior to the concert i found out that Lily had broken her ankle and still wanted to go.. (crazy girl), through gimpy and smelly. I was like umm ok can you carry all your stuff? because I dont know how much the rest of us will be able to carry, since we have our own things too. Well, then i had to get Elly and Lily's numbers so i could call them when the bus dropped me off in Boston, since they were meeting me there at S Station.

The fun started at about 8am on Friday morning since I decided that i wanted to meet up with smelly and gimpy in Boston then drive down to CT together. The trip up to Boston basically went off without a hitch - got to Boston at like 5:30ish? Read my book for a bit, tried to stay away from the drunk people that were in the bus station too (ya by the time you got to me smelly I had already moved like twice..). smelly and I just waited for a bit for the gimpy one aka gimpy. Finally gimpy called and smelly went up to help her since I had no clue where gimpy was and wouldn't be able to find her, i just sat and watched Elly's things. Once they got back we had a quick dinner at the station and then it was off to Logan to pick up the rental. Oops I forgot to print out the confirmation, not that I thought we needed it anyway, but, thank goodness smelly printed it out, just in case. Good thing smelly printed out directions to where we were going too since I had no clue, but being the only one with car insurance and old enough to rent the car, as well as drive (remember Lily had a messed up left leg)... anyway, we get the car and on went the ipod. For a while it was just random songs, then smelly had the idea of Leehom songs.. so we switched to LH for the rest of the 2 hr drive. We got into the hotel at hmm 10ish? not bad for leaving Boston at like 8:30? Apparently I drive like all the other MD drivers.. really fast.. hey not MY fault I didnt have a stick shift car and didnt realize half the time i was going 80 mph.

Once there we called the Malay girls, visited them for a bit. gimpy and I had to work on the scrapbook pages cuz gimpy had to put her page in, and I had to write a message. Then we went off to sleep deciding that we would meet the Malay girls in the AM to go over to the casino to wait for Leehom.


munkee said...

then what happened??? :P i'm so impatient!

MJ said...

um u were there?

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