Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Part 2 of Leehom Overload

So Saturday Morning.. i of course get up at like 6 or 7am.. its sorta ingrained in me now. But since the rest of the room was still sleeping i felt bad waking them up, i decided to brush my teeth and then go read somewhere.. but it was too early to go out to the lobby so, I ended up reading in the bathroom.. yes dont laugh.. i didnt want to open the blinds because then I would wake the others, same with the lights.. so i just went to the bathroom, sat on the towel that was on the floor, and turned on the light and got some reading done. At around 7am, i decided it was time to go get bfast.. so i scrounged around for the keycard.. since I didnt actually have one. After bfast I get these really weird sms from the room asking for food to be brought to the room.. *cough* smelly So food delivery happened :) i'm so nice arent i? Anyway, we stick around the hotel for a bit, then the Malay girls came and asked when we were going to the casino. So around 11ish? we headed out, but gimpy wanted to get some tylanol before we got to the casino because her foot hurt (she had broken her ankle 2 days before?, hence the term gimpy), but anyway, we went to the Shop & Save (i kept wanting to call it stop shop and save, because they have those in MD) and go inside getting ready to purchase tylanol. Then some lady came out and was like, sorry we're still closed, grand opening is not till this coming friday! We were all going O.O and after we left we were going umm so why was the front door wide open then? I guess maybe so the workers and the people looking for jobs could go? So we finally found a drugstore and went and bought the tylanol, and some huge 2 L bottles of water and off we were back to the casino.

I guess we got to the casino at around 11:30, maybe it was 12? But the girls decided to sit at the front desk reception area, because they figured LH would walk by and we would be able to see him. Gimpy had a hard time getting from the garage up to the front desk, because a LOT of walking was involved, we ended up sitting and waiting quite a bit, so finally we were all sitting there and chatting. I sorta got bored and began reading all the newspapers that were there.. at about 12:30 or 1:00? The TO girls showed up dragging a bf.. poor bf! They had driven 10 hours starting at like 3am! OMG, i'm so glad we got there the night before then! But they were famished and wanted naps, and so we told them if we saw LH we would call them, and they should go eat. So off they went, and of course about 1/2 hour after they left, who shows up walking through the front door? LH! along with his parents and his assistant. The Malay girls quickly grab their stuff to give him, and run up to him, Smelly and I were a distant 2, but poor gimpy just sat at the sofas because of the leg problem. We get to LH and Smelly asks LH if she can have a picture with him, but the pesky assistant says no no pictures. *sigh* our first rejection. So, after LH goes up, we attempted to call the TO girls, but they never pick up! When we meet up with them again, we tell them what happened and they exclaimed that they had heard a pay phone ringing, but decided it could not possibly be us, and didnt pick up. [They called from pay phone because they had roaming on their phones, way expensive!] Oops, guess we will text from now on.. The malay girls and gimpy decided to sit up at the sofas and smelly and i got bored so we decided to wander the casino. If we found something interesting we would play, but otherwise blahs. No we didnt see anything remotely interesting, but then we walked by the arena where LH would be playing and we saw the small poster, and the advert on the LCD board... so we took obligatory photos beside them. Then we peeked in the arena box office area, and saw the TO girls chatting to the security guards... Cool! something to do, so we joined them for a bit.

Frank the security guard was so much fun. He kept making fun of munkee, and the rest of us.. I did a couple of cartwheels and handstands(cuz i do), and we just tease Frank about random stuff. Ask him about what goes on in the life of a Casino Security Guard.. Apparently JL, the taiwanese singer, is a bit hauty, but AL (JL's special guest in Nov) was nice. We talked to Ken, the other security guard a bit too. In between, there were runs to the car, back to the hotel to get some stuff, drop stuff off (we went back to the hotel like twice), but we also a made a new friend of the security guard. He was also nice enough to ask us if we wanted some stuff delivered down to LH's dressing room, so we asked that the scrapbook be taken down there. The guards radio'ed back asking if we wanted it signed or what, No we replied its for LH to keep. Munkee got her cookies and ball thing taken down, along with a note telling LH that we were up there waiting for him to come out. During one of our runs to the hotel, LH did come out and i guess was looking for the people that gave him the scrapbook (US!) haha, but then smelly and i were gone, so the TO girls had no clue what to do. Good thing we came back and LH was still outside the arena, we went up to him and smelly had more gifts for him, flowers that she made from crepe paper and a small red dragon (oh so cute!) and we passed that to him, and he thanked us. The lawyer to be asked him (LH) if we could take a picture with him, but he declined stating that he was really busy, and he turned around to go back into the arena to rehearse some more. *sighs* oh well.. Then we started chatting with other people that were just milling about, met the dancers (sorta), talked to "usher", turns out hes from MD and does wushu, and so we exchanged phone numbers, cuz now i can harass him and perhaps look for a new wushu place since my last teacher went back to TW, haha.

The 2am concert was insane. Everyone was so high, everyone was dancing to the music, singing along. Too bad I had a scare, lost my ticket had to go back retrace my route and some girl picked it up, good thing i got my ticket back.. and some ribbing about losing my ticket. *sighs* sometimes.. i dont know where my brain is! Gimpy threw up her flower, LH picked it up and smelled it, and played with it all during the song.. aww so sweet! It was close to 4am when the concert ended *sigh* after 2 encores.. and hong bao being thrown out into the crowd. I went for one, but didnt get it, had to ask the guy at the end in chinese if he could hand it to me.. haha good thing he understands chinese and said ok, and handed me the hong bao. :).. Glad my parents forced me to learn chinese.. haha.

So at 5:30 (i guess?) we finally make it back to the hotel, Smelly and I decided we needed showers, so we went upstairs to someone elses' hotel room to take quick showers.. our shower was being used by the malay girls.. 6am i guess i finally drift off into slumber, on the window sill (yes we had like 5 different people in the room, so me being the smallest stated i would sleep on the window sill). 7am rolls around and im awaken by someone's cell phone going off with some leehom song (yes 1 hr of sleep, and not even because it was sorta tossing and turning a bit during the nite). I try to roll around and go back to sleep, but then the phone rings again.. *sighs* turns out it is Jason calling one of the malay girls to ask how the concert went. He stated enough inconstancies for us to realize that he probably didnt make it to the concert, and was just trying to get details.. but still now everyone in the room was up. I text usher and let him know that we're awake blabla and if he wants to meet us after hes awake gimmi a call. We finally make it to breakfast, i drink a lot of coffee (since i am driving home later too and i've only had one hour of sleep remember..) and we head over to the casino after the TO girls are up. Usher comes up we chat with him for a bit, go see Frank, chat with him and get him some coffee, then we're off to find some lunch before it gets interesting. 12 pm the lion dance begins, and runs all over the casino floor, smelly and i catch it by johnny rockets and she takes pictures while i hold onto food.. hehe we then go back to the arena box office area and sit there for a while, chat with the other people that have come for the 2pm show that didnt make it to the 2am show.

We finally make it into the arena for the second show, no mishaps this time! and all is well.. smelly and i are closer in and we can get cooler shots, this time we sign the HSH sign and we decided we would attempt to pass it to LH during the concert. The 2pm concert totally rocked, but for a different reason. This crowd was a bit more on the staid side, only our small corner was up and dancing to the music.. *sighs* so much for the crowd, there were people from Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, in the crowd and LH acknowledged them. We were again dancing singing along to his songs, he played the same songs as the first concert, but somehow he made it over to our section more.. haha.. more flower throwing, a LOT of him posing, him bending down to shake people's hands, etc. Smelly gave me the sign to pass to LH, and between the 2 of us we finally get the sign to him, he looked at the sign for a bit, then held it up for the arena to see.. We of course grabbed cameras and were taking pics of LH with the HSH sign! Once he was done the song, he turned around, showed his band mates, and they clapped at the sign and he put the sign down. The crowd totally didnt want the concert to end, but of course as with anything, all good things wind down to a close.. and we finally left at like 5:30. We were planning to stalk LH but figured well not really worth it, because we didnt know what restaurant he was going to be eating at (turns out smelly and i guessed the right one but still), usher sprinted away (cuz um he had to go meet family at the restaurant..) oh wells, maybe next time la.

So, the day after the concert? HSH sign was up on his website
. A couple of days later, it was the scrapbook in all its glory for people to see.. eek! phone numbers and email addys.. oh well...


Elly said...

You need to change the coloring of your blog! It's killing my eyes!!! Thanks :)

munkee said...


bunkee and gang knew what to do when we saw leehom!!! TALK TO HIM! but we were a bit shocked, so no words came out... well, none outta bunkee's mouth. bunkee and gang knew to get the dragon and the flowers. gooooo michelle! (cuz bunkee didn't remember, at all... but bunkee did manage to have problems with the bag the dragon was in, and make all sorts of noise with her shoes, and caught leehom's eye! eyes, rather... :P)

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