Friday, October 12, 2012

Cupcake Friday 10.12.2012 - Pumpkin

IMG_1493 IMG_1495 IMG_1494 

What is this deliciousness?  Well the boy likes pumpkin everything -- so this was definitely a good  cupcake to get.  The cupcake is a pumpkin cupcake with a cream cheese frosting -- we know how much cream cheese frosting makes everything better right?  This frosting just brings the cupcake to a new height :)  The cupcake is nicely reminiscent of pumpkin pie, or zucchini bread (mostly because of the spices put in, i guess?) in fragrance and flavor and the cream cheese frosting was yummy as always.  

Just a word of caution though, the sprinkles on top make for a very messy look if you leave the cupcakes out and get them knocked about before you eat them.  I dont have any post war pictures but trust me.. it did not look pretty -- was still yummy to eat though

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