Monday, November 5, 2012

Cape May visit - Post Sandy

So Cape May is one of the boy's favorite spots to go since he was a child, so when Hurricane Sandy was barreling down the Northeast and we heard that it was potentially going to affect the Jersey Shore, he got very concerned.  Apparently he likes to storm track anyway and the fact that Sandy may impact the beach he loves so dearly made it even more imperative to storm track -- who knew?! 

Fortunately Sandy's impact on Cape May was pretty minimal -- yes they did get storm surges, yes people had flooding, yes the dunes got shifted -- but it's apparently nothing like the places further up north (Manhattan, Hoboken, etc)  Here are some pictures from the weekend's trip... note I am as tall (if not taller than some of the street signs, lamp posts..)

There were some pluses -- Sandy hit at Atlantic City (or close to it) so Cape May was on the Southern end of the storm -- yes they had high storm surges, but not to the extent that some of the other places were -- lots of places got far worse damage.  When we first got there we were like oh this isnt horrible, there arent very many problems (now we went to the more commercialized areas, not the houses, etc that wouldnt be near Washington Square Mall, or the beach, because people dont like it really if you are wandering around their yards and taking pictures of their houses, really..for some strange reason they think its creepy.

oh and yes it was breezy... and cold.

South End of Beach Drive, by the Cove Restaurant

Sunset Beach -- didnt get a lot here very windy and sand was blowing everywhere..
Cape May Convention Center -- i'm by the waves area.. yep that is a hill o sand
Hi massive Bulldozer!
holy crap, such a large clam shell.. apparently there were lots of conch shells too (well we saw some but they were all broken)

Beach Drive @ Poverty Beach (yep this is indeed the road)
More beach drive photos

Condos by Poverty beach -- notice the support isnt quite straight.

hmm is that an AC unit that is buried in the sand? Why yes.. uh ohs.

front side of the condos -- hope you dont want to get in anytime soon, there is no road here.

North End of Beach drive, near the condos (Poverty Beach area)

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Azizah Asgarali said...

Wow. Lots of shifted sand there :| Your last pic is super cute!

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