Friday, May 31, 2013

Cupcake Friday 05.31.2013 - Mocha Cookie Crumble

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"Cupcake Friday preview #cupcake" 
This cupcake was apparently inspired by a Starbucks Frappiccino called the Mocha Cookie crumble.. and thus I present to you from Iced Gems Bakery the Mocha cookie crumble cupcake. 

The cupcake  itself is a coffee and oreo cookie cupcake.  The distribution of oreo crumbles differ from cupcake to cupcake -- I was sure disappointed when the boy's cupcake had more oreo pieces in it than mine.   The cupcake is very coffee flavored (probably has something to do with the grounds that are part of this cupcake) and has also chunks/pieces of oreo cookies in it.  It has a coffee buttercream frosting with oreo cookie crumbles on top.  

Overall I liked the cupcake -- if you do not like coffee  then this is surely not the cupcake for you.  I still like the turtle cupcake more, probably because I love turtle candies (caramel, chocolate, pecans, what's not to love there?)  but this is surely a great alternative.. if it ever shows back up here at work that is.

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