Monday, May 6, 2013

Stationary Addict... I is..


So why would anyone buy yet another notebook when they were not completely done with their current one, nor using any of the other traveler notebooks they own?  because they are a stationary addict and the words "Limited Edition" makes you drool and makes you want one.. well ok maybe that AND the fact I've been on the Star Ferry and had a great time on it.  So I now own a LE Star Ferry Traveler's Notebook.  Resor shop did a great job with the packaging and btw I love the postcard that it came with along with the note on the postcard.  

The package is somewhat opened, by that I mean i unwrapped it out of the craft paper and twine but not out of the cellophane.. It gets carried with me to and from work so far still wrapped up.. ya i'm a silly one.

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