Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DC Nike Womens' run 04.28.2013

Some of you may know that I loathe running, loathe it with a passion, yet for some reason I always seem to be running a race, whether its a silly run like the Wicked 10k, or some charity run Avon Breast Cancer 5k its the same.. I HATE putting on my running shoes and going out for a run.  For some reason the boy LOVES this exercise so I have learned to endure it -- it helps me with endurance for dragon boating is my mantra... but I keep signing up for these races because of the race bling, the cooler the better.

I did the Rock'n'Roll Mardi Gras inaugural run in 2009 well first because it was the inaugural run (i love these too -- got a cool looking Mardi Gras like medal for that one.  It is way cooler than the standard medal -- picture mardi gras beads with a race medal attached.. and since I was doing this one, I wanted the extra bling from the RNR series, so I did the VA beach one too that year and got the 26.2 medal (2 half marathons...)

Well this one that i just recently did, the Nike Womens' half marathon in DC was just all of the above.. cool medal, inaugural.. so it hit all the must have columns.

The only teeny tiny problem was, i didnt really train for this race.. i mean yes i did run, i mean i ran a 10 miler at the end of March, another 10 miler at the beginning of April.. a 10k last weekend.. I should be ready right?  hmmm maybe if I had been training instead of the sporadic running maybe but do i regret running the race?  ummm lets see..

Tiffany necklace.... hmm check!
Male models (in this case ROTC) in tuxes handing out the necklaces on a silver platter .... check!

nope not missing anything here.... so yep it was totally worth it.

Yep I am suffering today -- calves are SO tight, and i have chaffing issues (since it was warmer than I've been running recently AND i forgot to body glide). but it was totally worth the fall at mile 3 that included a roll, yep the volleyball instincts picked right up and i rolled out of my fall.. a curse at mile 1 because some chick and her friend decided at mile 1 right when they got to the mile 1 mile marker they would just randomly stop to take pictures.. REALLY chick, mile 13 is where you should stop to take that sucker.. not at the beginning of the race where you could potentially drop out but at the end where there is only but a couple of steps left for you to go before you get your prized male model and tiffany necklace... ok well you can only keep 1 but who's really counting here?

Here's another picture of the necklace -- note this is 2 necklaces to show both sides of the charm.

Isnt it pretty? and its all MINE!  mine!  i earned every single carved letter on this necklace.. because today, I Hurt.. I hurt like there is no other.. walking is a problem, it hurts.  Do i regret doing the race even though I know I wasnt prepared for it?  nope -- I had as i said, previously run 10 miles or so without any consequences, I wasnt expecting much for the extra 3.1 miles that I would have to do.  I knew that there was a chance that I would feel the way I do today.  I dont regret 1 single second of the run -- its something that I wanted to finish and I got a cool reward for it.. yippie!


Azizah Asgarali said...

Dude. You are a machine. Congratulations and yes. That is a COOL REWARD. Hard earned and well deserved!! And it looks awesome.

mjcong said...

yep.. now i have to go to SF and run the SF one! too bad that one is by lotto too

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