Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nomadic Tote Bag Review

I recently won a bag from the Jetpens' random giveaways.  And now that I've had it for a couple of weeks and have used it off and on for that duration, I thought i would write a bit about it.  

The bag that I won was the Nomadic Toto Tote Bag, and I decided I had enough black bags and that I would totally dirty up the beige bag within no time, so I went with the grey bag.  The people at Jetpens were fast and efficient, the bag showed up within a week of me emailing them my address and color choice.  

First -- as with all nomadic bags, the plethora of pockets and stash areas.. Oh my! The bag has a tag that explains the pockets for the bag and depicts what goes in where.

IMG_1181 IMG_1182

Look at all those pockets!  Ok so I cant read Japanese, but I can sure follow pictures.  There looks to be 2 pockets for stashing water/bottles of whatever.  There is a pocket for  ID's inside the large pocket.  There is also a velcro'ed pocket for electronic devices (phones, cameras). 

Here is the bag as it was first unpacked from the box that I received from Jetpens.

IMG_1157 IMG_1158 IMG_1159

Look at all those pockets!  Pocket envy -- The only problem is I have issues in finding things once i stash them into random pockets so this bag may prove to be my downfall :)

This is the bag stuffed, maybe not fully stuffed, but enough so that you can see how much it holds.  The far left is the bag full -- the right 2 pictures are what was put in the bag.  The far right picture was in the back pocket.  The picture in the middle with the 2 jr circa, 1 nomadic pencil/pen bag and a delfonics bag with the contents of my purse (sort of like my purse organizer).

IMG_1268 IMG_1276 IMG_1273

The bag is very useful so far -- I've been able to downsize my work bag/purse.  I am able to put everything i need for work into the bag and keep my purse to a small bag, rather than using one of my larger totes for work stuff + purse.  In addition, it holds a Letter sized notebook meaning I can carry larger sheets of paper rather than folding them for the smaller work bags that i use.  

Something of note though -- one of the pockets in the back has a smaller stash section -- i tried to put pens in it, but the pens caps stick out -- not quite secure.  I'll see if i can get a picture or 2 of this in the next couple of days and post an update on here.

I think this may be a great bag for travel --- I would be able to stash things in the various pockets and be able to access them without much searching.  We shall see since I'm going to be going on a trip in a couple of days...

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Sandra Strait said...

I have tote bag envy! Where was I for this giveaway? I guess I snoozed and I losed, lol!

mjcong said...

hahahah i'm seeing if i <3 it or if I dont really need it.. if i dont i'll do a giveaway.. so it'll be slightly used but.. stay tuned!

Justin Phan said...

Can you let me know what you think of it? Have you tried putting a laptop in there? I've been thinking about buying one, but am scared it might not fit all the things I tend to bring (nomadic pencil case, laptop, binder, planner, phone, wallet, etc). Is it worth it?

mjcong said...

so i just attempted to put my 15" MBP into the bag and yes it does fit. BUT-- there is really no paddling in there so putting it in there may not be your best bet. I'll take a picture of it later and post it up for you. As you can tell from the picture above, you can put a nomadic pencil case, and a bunch of things in there.. I'll use your list and attempt to stuff it all in :P

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