Monday, August 27, 2012

Nomadic Tote Update

So, you asked for it... here it is :)

I recently reviewed the Nomadic Tote, and after reading someone asked if laptops fit into the Nomadic tote and they were hesitant to purchase and wanted to see if I had ever tried to put in a laptop... the answer was no.. but now, I tried it just for them and yep it does surely fit my laptop.. yes the zipper does close, but I decided not to close it so that you could see what i was able to place into the tote bag.  Now, with a 15 inch macbook pro, the tote would be relatively heavy and maybe not as easily totable around but still doable i guess.
Below are the items i put into my nomadic tote:
  • 1/2 in binder
  • coach wallet (checkbook size)
  • levenger circa jr planner
  • my 15 inch macbook pro with power cord and mouse
  • my phone
  • a nomadic pencil case stuffed to the gills with pens, pencils, etc.

So the above 2 right hand pictures show the laptop in the bag along with the nomadic pencil case, binder and the planner.  The cellphone, wallet, mouse and power brick were stashed in separate pockets.

IMG_1409 IMG_1408 IMG_1410

so yep everything does fit.  You could potentially use a slightly thicker planner/binder but as I could only find a 1/2 in binder at the house that is what i used.   The wallet, I put into one of the interior pockets that is accessible from the top of the tote.  The bag has no padding for the laptop, so I dont know that I would use it for a laptop but it is definitely usable to stash a 15in MacBook Pro.  If you were to use a laptop sleeve,I am unsure the laptop would fit into the tote. 

Where to Purchase?

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