Wednesday, September 5, 2012

House of Dolittle - Monthly Desk calendar review

Shoplet sent me the desk planner for review.  As i stated earlier, the desk planner is not what i use on a regular basis but hey i always need something on my desk because I dont like to write on hard surfaces -- the pages on the calendar will do just fine.  


The desk calendar is rather large -- it can cover my desk being 18.5" x 13".  The calendar itself has a white background with blue-grey writing.  There is again, plenty of space to write appointments, notes, etc.  What i love most about the desk calendar is that it is pretty minimalistic -- enough space for me to write my appointments, with an added note section to the right.   The top of each of the pages is perforated so that you can remove each month as it passes readily. 

It also has a plan forward calendar at the bottom of the calendar.  It has all 12 months, and its written pretty tiny but if you were planning a vacation or trying to look back quickly you could definitely do so.

As I got a planner starting in January 2013, I've not had very many appointments that are scheduled that far ahead yet to start making notes, but I've started to pencil in a thing here and there.  

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** Disclaimer:  This product was sent to me by Shoplet for review.  The review is my opinion and does not reflect any influences from them.

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