Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tom Bihn Swift Bag Review

I was drooling over this bag when i first found it on Ravlery.  So when i finally bit the bullet I decided for some reason that the larger one would suite.  I should have checked to see how the size related on a ruler, because the bag I ended up with was larger than I thought -- oops!  But on the positive side, I was then able to put much more projects into the bag than i originally thought i would be able to hold.   Ordering on Tom Binh's website  is easy.  He has several different options to choose from and you can either get one made of cordura nylon or ballistic nylon. 

IMG_0356 IMG_0357 IMG_0358

The bag came pretty fast, as you can see I ended up with the turquoise swift bag.  It is made of 1000 d cordura nylon.  You cannot customize the bags since the color options are pre-determined (as well as the fabrics) that are available.   The swift bag comes with 1 medium sized yarn bag -- made of ripstop nylon.   The bags are clear on the bottom so that you can see the yarn that you have placed in them.  In addition, there is a small y-hook that allows for the yarn to be guided through the "loop".  On the exterior is a snap hook that allows for me to clip the stuff sack into the swift bag itself.  See below pictures for more details.  If you want more stuff sacks you can order more from the website.. I'm currently lusting for more stuff sacks but havent yet bit the bullet for a 2nd or 3rd one.  I want some in different colors, he has a large variety of sizes of stuff sacks as well as color options.  


Where to Purchase?

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