Monday, March 11, 2013

Bonaparte Breads

Well, down in Fells Point there's a french bakery, flaky croissants, yummy breads and tarts -- exactly what one needs immediately after a workout, right?  yep exactly!  and since I had an exam this week -- and the boy was set to run further than I, this is where i went to get a bite and study a bit before the boys' run was over.. I did intend to get him a croissant, but instead i got myself 2... and then had to replace them with 2 more when he finished his run.. not to worry however, they were the minis that they serve for like 1$ each.  

Amazingly its pretty crowded there on the weekends, Im use to being there in the workday where the place is nearly empty... so much easier to find a seat then.

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