Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pentel Energel Review


Firstly, these pens were given to me by shoplet, and the info that you see here are all of my own opinion.  They did not pay me (other than to send me these pens) to say what I am about to say.. 

I am a big proponent of gel pens.  I may even have enough pens to last me a life time, but for some reason every time i go to Staples, Office Depot I am drawn, like a moth to a bright light to more pens, specifically gel pens.  

When Shoplet asked me if I would write a review for the Pentel Energels, I jumped at the chance.   What came?  Well a pack of the 0.7mm assorted color multipacks of 8 pens, 1 black 1.0mm pen, one 0.5mm blue pen, and a 0.7mm black pen.  I had already bought a set of the multi-color pens, so I'm giving away the 8 pack.  I'll ship these pens anywhere the USPS will deliver -- you are responsible for any import tax that may incur if you win.

I've used Pentel Energel pretty often, I like how the Pentel blue is bright vibrant blue -- you know how you are drawn specifically to one shade of blue, whether its dark (blue-black) or a bright vibrant blue?  Well the Pentel blue is one of my favorite colors, so I've always had a couple of these pens lying around.  When the Energel pens first came out they only had the metal ones.  In fact, I own a half dozen if not more of the original metal/plastic barrel pens.  

Now as you probably have figured out by now, I am very fond of find tipped pens, in fact, im contemplating buying a new vanishing point nib in EF.  Yep, Brad Dowdy is my hero for actually owning one and using his EF nib.  So I typically go for the finest tipped pens you can get, however, living in the states does have its downfalls in that one can basically find at the finest a 0.5mm tip -- which is often not fine enough for me.  

Using the pen on cardstock proved effortless at all different nib sizes -- no bleeding, feathering, nice crisp lines, etc.  The problem comes when you use the 1.0mm nib on 20 lb paper, it bleeds like no tomorrow -- This by no means is a problem for this pen only, remember the stablio viscos?  they do that too.  Obviously the larger the point, the fatter the line,  while I'm a big proponent of a thin crisp line, sometimes (like when im bubbling something in, or crossing out boxes for forms, I find that the larger the ball the faster i can go through without much effort, so i tend to use those pens when I'm at work completing forms, etc. but otherwise I love my thin lines.


As you can see above, I tested out the 8 pack colors as well as wrote a small little blurb.  In addition, i attempted to smear the ink.  The amount of ink that comes out of the nib is concordant with the amount of time that is needed for the ink to dry enough so that it doesnt smear -- so if you are a lefty, make sure that you have adequate drying time else your arms are going to be rather colorful after you finish taking notes :)

I also now have an extra multicolored 8 pack that I will be giving away in the next week or so.. when I do the pencil review.  so check back in a couple of days.

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