Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tipsy Grape Review

Etched wine glasses
We wanted to get some personalized wine glasses for the wedding.  I was planning a DIY glass etching session.  After a couple of failed attempts, the cream didn't etch as deep as I wanted, the fiance decided that it would be best left to the pros.. *poo*  He looked around, tried to find somewhere that would do sand blasted etching and found Tipsy Grape.

They will do customized etching for a fee.  Now if you are looking to get a few done this may be rather expensive.  We decided to do a dozen of the double happiness ones, and 44ish of the "Fu" to make it a bit more economical than the $24 for a pair of the double happiness and $12/glass of the "Fu" character.  We had also decided to intersperse these with regular wine glasses with candles so that it would make it more personalized, but we realize that if we got the normal wine glasses/shot glasses/what have you, people would just have them sit on a dusty shelf and they would just be unused.  This way each person that was at our wedding would get a wine glass, different sizes perhaps but at least a usable wine glass.  Hence the small number of etched ones vs non-etched.  We also had discussed giving some of the etched ones to family members (specifically the double happiness ones)  since we were getting a dozen anyway.

They will send you a proof -- free of charge (nice since you are doing customization work and perhaps things that you wanted may not look good together).  The customer service was superb -- they called when they realized that the "Fu" symbol was upside down. They .. called NOT emailed, not well they must have had it this way for a reason.. CALLED us to confirm that we knew and wanted to make sure that we were aware that the symbol was indeed upside down-- sadly I had told the boy that I wanted the symbol upside down and did not explain why so I had to google it for him and he sent it off to Tipsy Grape as a generalized FYI.  When the shipment showed up at the house via FedEx and 4 out of the 4 cases of classes showed up cracked and we called them to let them know, they immediately were apologetic.  They also knew that the glasses were for an event and were very concerned that they would not get to MD in time.  In fact, we got the shipment a week later (on a Saturday, folks--FedEx Saturday Delivery)   We were very happy with their services and if we ever need glass etching again, we will totally look them up.  In fact, we will recommend people to them if we have friends looking to do something similar!

Thanks again Tipsy Grape for your Great customer service team, top to bottom! 


Shangching Huitzacua said...

Nice wedding favors! It is special yet usable. The upside down "Fu" reminds me of New Year ^^

MJ said...

mutter it wasnt suppose to be posted yet...

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