Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Generalized work rant

So recently (as in within the last month or so) we were having issues at work with filters and having blanks come up rather high, and since we use the blanks to zero out things it is bad when blanks come up too high.  So we asked the other location to please do some test blanks and that I would send them up filters, please do them with those filters.  Well i went to post weigh today and its from a previous batch.. oops.  Should have just asked if things were unclear.  or perhaps, we didnt make it clear to them?  I dont know but there is enough blame to go around.  I should have logged what i sent up -- easier to figure out who is in the wrong that way?  anyway, fixing things now.. not quite what i wanted to do this AM but its what I'm going to do now.. yay?

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