Monday, May 28, 2012

Uniball Vision RT review

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This pen is a liquid roller ink like the Uniball Vision pens. The pen is not one of my favorite pens because of the pen barrel.  Is the pen barrel that important?  Well, to me the pen barrel is quite important, because I'm an aesthetic type person--I dont like boring looking pens.  There is a rubber grip, but its very dissimilar to all the other grips that I've encountered.  Its a hard rubber grip -- harder than the jetstream grips that I am so very use to.  As you can see by the 2nd picture there is a textured grip area but it feels less substantial than some of the other rubber grips that I'm use to.  I typically use the Dr Grip like pens so your experience may vary.  There is a semi-translucent barrel (you can see the ink cartridge on that 3rd picture).    Now since I have a blue pen, I cant quite tell, but potentially if you had a different colored (lighter colored) ink you would be able to see the ink level?  In addition, once you use up more of the pen i suppose you would be able to see the ink level but as i've only used this pen for this writing test, i cant tell.

The pen is obviously a retractable pen, and you can either use the push button at the top or click on the back of the clip to cause the pen to retract.  Nice--- unless you like to fiddle with the clips on your pens and then potentially you could accidentally retract your pen when you didnt want to.  Not a problem here.  I suppose it has a blue push button on top since its a blue pen, and for the red pen you would get a red push button, black a black one, etc similar to the signio 207 push buttons.

The blue pen is a nice navy blue hue, but since its a liquid roller the line is much thicker than some of my similar tipped gel pens (the pen is labeled 0.7mm).  For some reason you can't really find pens that are 0.3, or 0.4mm in the US.  The "EF" pens that you normally find in a big box store (Staples, etc) is 0.5, sad when you are use to pens that range from 0.28 to 0.4mm.  This is also a pen found in the US market so it lays down a pretty thick line in general.  

I also have a pretty tight grip on my pens, so after writing with the pen for a few minutes writing the review on a rhodia pad (see below) I ended up with slight cramping in my index finger -- and thus realizing that the pen is not for me.  Since I will have no use for this pen, I am giving it away once this review is posted.  

The pen was purchased at Staples, but I assume you can find it at any big box retailer for pretty reasonable price.  If you want a pen that is reliable, and lays a pretty even line and able to lend out to someone without being afraid of it being damaged this would be a pen to get.

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So -- in light of the fact that i only had 4 entries.. I'm just going to get 3 other Vision RT's and ship them out to the 4 of you :)  Since I only have 1 currently and I've got to go purchase the other 3 -- slight delay in shipping the pen out to you 4.. but I need mailing addresses for the 3 (I have Sara's)  of you.  Please email me at chunsan_at_gmail_dot_com 


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emiliovillegas said...

it looks like a really nice pen :)

Sara said...

My blue one doesn't write well at all. I got a dud. I'd love to win a great writer to replace my less-than-deal writer.
Thank you for the chance! <3

Maybelline Tan said...

Woohoo I would love a link-up as well as the pen! So that I can do a review of it on my blog too. :) Is it too much to ask for? ;)

Poh May said...

I love uniball pen !! Thanks for the giveaway.

MJ said...

So -- I updated the post. Please shoot me an email with all your addresses. Since its just 4 of you that want this pen I decided it was easier to just get 4 pens and ship one to each of you.. I only have 1 so i have to go to the store and get 3 more..

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