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Multi Pen that i own review



First of all, sorry for the formatting--- trying to get this post scheduled prior to me leaving for the honeymoon and i cant get the pictures to line up properly :(

Currently, I only own ballpoint multipens, potentially a coleto in the future but for now all of these are ball point pens.

Originally this was titled, Dr. Grip multi review; however, i decided since i was doing writing samples from the all, perhaps i would change it to a multi-pen pen review.  I love Dr Grip pens, mostly because of the ergo grips that they offer.  So i can usually be counted to have multiple Dr. Grip products. But, browsing on Jetpens in the last couple of years has made it hard for me to resist random ergo gripped products. I saw my original Dr. Grip pen multi in HK, and couldnt resist. I ended up paying about 10-11 USD for the pen, and wished that i opted to get the stylus tip. I cant find that particular tip here in the States, but know that it exists.  The pen is i believe aluminium, and pretty heavy.  The weight distribution is towards the bottom, and held in the hand it is very comfortable.  As with most multigrip pens the pen does make a clicking noise as i write, but I wouldn't say it is very distracting.

Then the boy took my pen for a test run, and I didnt get my pen back... so I had to find an alternative... to Jetpens i went!  I found the Dr Grip 4+1 multis and found a cheaper option than the one i originally had.  Well, if this worked I could get the boy one and steal my pen back AND get a new pen..what's to lose here?  So i got the 4+1 light for almost half the price in a pretty baby blue and neon green- neon green for the boy and baby blue for me.   The pen is made of a sturdy plastic with again the distinctive Dr. Grip ergo grip.  The pen, because it is made of plastic is rather light.  Every time i pick up this pen, I have to readjust myself to the fact that this pen is uber light.   It writes well, doesnt have the clicking sound i hear with the more expensive Dr Grip multi, but has the same writing style.  The inks are vibrant and clear to read, so is the pencil.

For both the Dr. grips, the eraser is hidden under the cap, you just pull the cap off and there's a small eraser that you can use.

 I love my original Dr. Grip Multipen but then browsing on jetpens.... I saw the zebra clip pen. It was touted similar to the Dr. Grip pen, ergo grip, same 4 colors, with the 0.5mm pencil and eraser at the top of the pen but with the added benefit of the spring loaded clip which would allow for one to clip a thick stack of papers together. Well, that is interesting... i take notebooks to meetings, lots of pads-- well that would be nice to have.  The zebra pens are i believe a pearlized finish plastic pen.  Slightly lighter than the more expensive Dr. Grip pen. So i got one... the problem was however, the boy accidentally dropped it one day on a tiled floor maybe a foot up.. probably less, and the clip broke.  Well, i was heartbroken, the perfect pen, broken in 1 months time.  The boy was sad, because I was sad and offered to superglue the clip back on.   Yes, superglue did work, but now i could no longer use the clip because I was afraid it would snap off--it was just glued on.  So i bought a 2nd zebra clip, which i keep far away from the boy these days.  You can see in the below photo the clip in action, clipped on my checkbook cover.   It does clip a pretty full Rhodia 13 pad.  I didnt take a picture of it but did just try it.  The pencil works just fine -- similar to the Dr. Grip pens. The eraser is there underneath that silver colored cap.

zebra clip

I use each of the pens regularly, but recently since i've gotten into fountain pens, the pens are languishing until I need to grab something fast for a paper I'm reading, or to hilight protocols that I am working on.    Overall the metal looking pens are the ones i use more often, so the expensive Dr grip pen and the Zebra clip pens.  Those pens are also more professional looking so taking them to meetings is a better option than the cheaper (plastic) looking Dr. Grip pen.  I tend to have one of the plastic ones in bags that i take to the labs more often than the metal ones.   The metal ones do go to professional meetings with me to take notes, hilight talks, etc.  

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