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timbuk2 scrunchie bag review


The scrunchie tote was on sale at Timbuk2 last summer and since I was eyeing it I decided that I would buy it. The bag is the 2011 model, but I don't think Timbuk2 made any changes other than add a couple color updates. I got it on sale plus I had donated an old Timbuk2 bag back for recycling so I ended up with a pretty nice bag for about half(?) off? I cant find my receipt anymore so not quite sure. I figured, hey my Nike bag that I use to carry my dragon boat gear is getting old, I should update the bag and grab this one and I ended up with the grey one with the red piping. The bag is billed as a medium sized bag and is made of ballistic nylon which is water resistant, its bottom is made of TPU so it keeps the bag dry if you happen to place it in a slightly wet spot. It also has a patterned interior -- which you can see on that 3rd picture, which also makes the bag quite cute.

There is a small pocket on the outside that Timbuk2 describes as a slash pocket (you can see that in the middle picture on top)  The little tab towards the left is where the zipper pull is. It is big enough for my ipod touch and couple of other small things like my headphones, my square attachment for my cell phone. I've also attempted to stash my car keys in there while i'm in a rush. The main compartment of the bag is pretty big (the dimensions of the bag is: 16"x10"x9"), but for some reason is not enough for ALL of my dragon boat and gym gear that i use for dragon boating. Currently in my Scrunchie bag I'm attempting to hold the following:
  •  LL Bean Small Toiletry kit
  • Garmin HRM
  • Garmin 410 
  • Pair of shoes (running or paddling)
  •  headphones (i usually have a pair or 2 in there)
  • ipod either nano or touch or sometimes i use my phone
  • gym clothes to change into:
    • shorts
    • long sleeved shirt
    • short sleeved shirt or tank
    • rash guard
    • paddling jacket
    • sweaty band for my hair
    • sometimes a pair of running socks
  • clothes to change into after gym/paddling which currently consists of:
    • warm up pants
    • long sleeved shirt
    • tank/short sleeved shirt
    • undergarments and socks (i usually keep these in a laundry bag)
    • flip flops 
The pile of things that came out of the scrunchie bag post practice-- after laundry has been taken out

    What ends up happening is usually the shoes just get left out and i take them in separately.  OK so perhaps I am trying to put too many things into my gym bag, but in my ideal gym bag I would be able to hold all of the above because I typically have all that when i go to paddle.  The Rash guard and the paddling jacket will come out eventually so will the long sleeved items, once the weather gets better but for now I need all of that in there. I also have a separate bag for running, and volleyball as they have different things in it. 

    The bag has a velcro pocket that runs along the back of the bag (if you have the small stash pocket facing forward)  See below left most photo.  Its rather large and is currently where i stash my HRM strap and my ipod(s).  Inside the main compartment, there is a smaller zip pocket (if you are familiar with their messenger bags -- similar to the inside storage pocket.  Like all other timbuk2 bags, there is a pocket that has the red key tether for easier locating of the keys in one of the inside zippered pockets. It will comfortably hold a yoga mat (per product specifications) I've never tried this out as I don't own a yoga mat, nor do I take yoga class.

    DSC_0039 DSC_0036 DSC_0034

    Where to buy:
    Timbuk2 $69.00 or $89.00 depending on color scheme
    eBags $89.00
    Google Search various $

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