Friday, May 11, 2012

Kaweco Sport Review... sorta

I bought this kaweco about a year ago, installed a black cartridge, and then promptly lost it for a couple of months, found it, wrote with it for a couple of days and then misplaced it about 4 months ago.  Remarkably the cartridge has not dried out, and the pen writes as if i just installed a fresh cartridge in it.  Nice, eh?

I bought this pen when i was planning on getting back into fountain pens after a couple years away from drooling over my dad's waterman.  Had no clue what I was looking for, just knew that i wanted an EF nib.  Did not know anything about German vs Japanese nibs and their widths.

I also ended up getting the clip for an extra $4.00, thinking that this would allow me to not lose the pen.  The pen is very small, tucks away in a pocket or small pocket of ones' purse.. hence the losing the pen often.  Just now as I am writing this review, i have lost the pen again.. and cannot figure out where i placed it.  I thought i put it on the boy's desk, but now after going back to look for it, I cant find it.

This pen wrote like a dream the day i took it out of the box that i got from Jetpens.   I pulled the pen out of the box, popped in the cartridge that came with the pen and off I went, writing away.  The unfortunate thing is that the pen uses a proprietary cartridge, so you need to use kaweco ink (or want to clean and refill the ink cartridges).   The nib was like butter, no skips no bumps.  I only used it with work copy paper, i believe it had minimal bleedthrough.

Now if i could only find the pen again....

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emiliovillegas said...

Hi, the pen uses standard international cartridges, you don't have to stick with the kawecos.

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